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Interesting. WHat on earth is vegan leather?
Wow!! Beautiful watch and photos. I'm in the market for a watch but MUST MUST resist...
Thanks for the info. I might give them a very wide berth in that case!
I haven't the faintest when it comes to shoe/leather quality so this is all learning for me. How can you tell whether a shoe is corrected grain or not (when it's brand new and has no wear)?
Has anyone heard of this brand? I came across it this morning and they have a sale going (prices on the site are in AUD). Some of the shirts look quite nice, and apparently they're made from Egyptian cotton. Anyone had any experience?
Quote: Originally Posted by lordgold Sorry for the double post, but does anyone think I should return my NCs for 29s? I could barely button the bottom button on them, and the top two I gave up on, so I assumed they were a lost cause. With my 30s, I can button them no problem at all, and actually fit me pretty losely around the waist, almost to the point that I can barely wear them without a belt. And that's with no stretch whatsoever. When I...
If you can somehow get pics of shoes/soles I'd be interested.
What was the price drop?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 This is the made in England RLPL, which are more generous. I see, thanks for the info. A shame as I would've picked this up.
What are your measurements embowfa? I just measured one of my 40R suits and this RLPL suit seems to run large for a 38R
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