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Measurements on 5 and 6 please?
Thank you for not having anything in 10-10.5 - my savings have taken enough of a beating lately.
These are beautiful. I've bookmarked your site and would be happy to support a worthy cause! Nice to see you being enterprising to put yourself through school. All the best.
Wow the pants on that Hickey suit are huge relative to the jacket. What's the story there?
It's not great, but it's a shitload nicer than a lot of ties that get sold very quickly in the B&S forums...
In the words of PG - I hate you!!!
I'm going to sound like a total noob but is EEE a wide width? (Also are the Ballys black or a very dark brown?)
What's your height/weight Chorse? (also how much extra for shipping Down Under?)
Super great deal on the Paul Smith shoes kinda balances out the totally bad deal of the Dunlops haha
I'm amazed at how much the site reminds me of a Lewin or Tyrwhitt site. I've had decent experience with Boston Brothers (offshoot of Rhodes) and Rhodes, but the sleeves are way too short for my ape arms. I feel like I've finally found my perfect shirts in TM Lewin (based on fit, price etc) so I'm loath to try out these Austen slim fits although I am tempted.
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