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Thanks guys...being alone in a foreign country doesn't help matters so your support is appreciated. My relationship with my ex is fantastic so it wouldn't be her, and she doesn't have a bad bone in her body. This girl ("M" we'll call her) does say that it would be unfair for her to believe a random stranger, but nonetheless "finds the message disturbing". So it sounds like at least a part of her believes. But I know I would've written back and asked a lot more...
This is more of a vent than anything else, and a spill from someone feeling beyond blue. Anyway, I met a girl not long ago, just before I moved overseas for work. We really started to hit things off, kept in touch a lot, communicated every day. I was really starting to become fond of her, which was difficult for me as I had only just started to get over my ex of 4 years. Finally when we were on the cusp of perhaps moving things a bit further, she receives this...
Best ebay username ever. Edit: S*** sorry didn't realise this was a bumped ancient thread.
I know you haven't done any art in over a year, but perhaps posting a pic of your previous work might help people get a feel for your style and abilities?
I'll give you $150
Woah are these really skinny? 7.25" leg opening on a 34" waist....?
Are the grey NS sized like the indigo and stretch like a mofo? I wear a size 31 in the indigos so just wondering if the greys will work in a sz32. Thanks
Meaurements on the washed pair
As tacky as it sounds, Proactiv works for me. I'm 26 and had suffered for years and years of acne (moderate) and constant breakouts. I think it was karma for teasing my older cousin about his acne when I was about 10. I still get the odd breakout and my skin isn't perfect (hard to undo over a decade of skin problems) but it is significantly better and controllable than before I started using it about a year ago.
He did. He has posted this in all three B&S forums.
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