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Forget the measurements, how bout starting with what size the shirt is?
More pics please...
Ok so the freak sent my friend another message last night, but this time my friend and I just laughed it off, and together managed to figure out who it was. I don't even know the person who sent it (it was one of her 'friends') and don't know what provoked her to pick me as her victim. Turns out it wasn't a jealous dude after all!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis Am I missing something here? Seems like a pretty standard coupon to me. The more money you spend, the more they take off. Unless it's the redundant "over XX or more" people are referring to. Math fail. Anyway, speaking of fails:
Some lady gave her husband 365 days of sex for his 40th birthday (I assume sex with her, specifically). Might be an idea although given that you're away on business now it might be a little difficult. Unles you use a proxy. Sorry I'm really no help... A handbag? A full day at the most luxurious spa in your area? Fly home one night for a surprise dinner?
haha this thread could get a lot more exciting. I guess these incidents really highlight just how exposed people are, regardless of how 'anonymous' we think the interwebz is. It's easy to hide for a while, but soon enough something's going to bite you in the ass. Demetri Martin was rather sage in his observation: The bad thing about the internet is that it's full of sexual predators. The great thing is that it's full of sexual prey.
Dutti stuff looks quite nice and the price/value point is pretty good. I don't own anything (only Zara) but the stores are quite prevalent here in KL and Singapore. Unfortunately the nice things like knits, blazers and jackets are inappropriate for me to buy for the local climate. I think the suits work out to around AUD$700 which is a pretty good deal. No idea about their quality or construction though. If anyone has any experience I'd like to know as I've been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma One of my favourite 'Fail' of all time. After thinking about it all I'm feeling slightly better today. I mean, I miss her SMS-ing in the middle of the day, breaking the motonony of my workday etc, but in reality I have every right to be P'd off with her. She chose to write me off so easily and believed a random stranger, without doing any further questioning, in addition to refusing to want to give me...
Yeah!....YEAH!! You guys are right! It's a good thing I find this side of her character out now rather than later. Perhaps I was blinded by getting such nice attention from an incredibly hot girl :P Haha...Douglas you're absolutely right. That's what I meant when I said things were generic enough to be accurate. The most ridiculous thing is that in reality I'm extremely shy, and even on the night I met 'M' I could barely bring myself to even look at her all...
I would love to be able to do all those things but M just doesn't want to talk about things. I've been reduced to the "lets just be friends" role. So while everyone else goes along and continues happily with their lives as normal, I'm left standing here scratching my head in anguish, trying to pick up the pieces.
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