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Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx damn-- when I was 27, I wished for enough to buy a decent Tag wristwatch! have you considered tag heuer watches as an option? If you go for the omega, another reason to get the 42.5mm size-- it will fit under your shirt cuffs when buttoned a lot better than the 45. A guy I work with has the 45.5mm planet ocean, and it is just a little too big. the 42 is about the same size as the seamaster, which is great for...
Thanks for the opinions guys, the Planet Ocean it is! I think deep down I was always favouring the PO, just need some confirmation. As for the size, I'll make sure I try on both 42mm and 45mm versions again before buying. Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 .... Great collection of watches and suggestions, but I really really dislike Brietlings. Your SMPs are beautiful! (But I don't want to have the same watch as my boss! )
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. Yeah I'd get the Omega. I'm actually debating between the Seamaster and Speedmaster as well. But I'm not getting it anytime I got about 2-3 years to think about it after I'm done with school ;] I was seriously disappointed with the Speedmaster. Even the 42.5mm just looked far too dainty on me. I had my heart set on it too
Thanks for the replies guys Quote: Originally Posted by jbmarine Omega FTW. I LOVE mine. Fantastic watch. Which do you have? A PO too? Quote: Originally Posted by soupcxan I would get the Omega, but you will eventually regret getting a 45.5mm watch. The oversized watch fad will eventually burn itself out. I'm conscious of that too. I was surprised at how modest the 45mm looked on my wrist, as the whole...
Oh and just wanted to add that I'm 27, so I'm not sure if either of these watches would be considered too "old" for me?
I'm about to make my first purchase of a nice Swiss watch, and have narrowed my choices down to: 1) Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean, in the 45.5mm version 2) Bell & Ross BR03-92 (the 42mm) Was very set on the Speedmaster Moonwatch before trying it on and not liking it. I'm absolutely torn between these two and thought I'd get some opinions here on which would be the better choice. I guess my 'criteria', in no order, would be: -...
What's the fit of Black Label like? Is it meant to be trimmer?
What's this 'Vogue' model like? Is it meant to be a slimmer silhouette?
Quote: Originally Posted by pauliodotnet I03 Aprilia RSV Mille 05 GSXR 600 dunno where any pictures are MORE PICS!!!
Much more material left to let out in the Zegna waist?
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