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I'm a bit of a disaster story. I bought my then-fiancee a Cartier 0.91C for roughly $12K. It didn't work out. Now I need to figure out how to sell the ring...
I can't quite make out the size of those Zegna. 11? I'm normally a 43 or 44, so I assume these are about a 45EU?
Interested. Please post pics and prices.
Is the price missing a zero...?
OK I just installed Swype. It is the coolest thing. The beauty of it is that I no longer want to hurl my Desire out of the window when I'm writing emails...
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg Even using swype? Unrelated - Anyone using xScope browser? Installed it today; liking it a lot so far. Funny you should brother has been telling me to d/l it for ages, but when I looked for it on the Marketplace last night I couldn't find it. N/B: I'm an absolute tech retard and have no idea what Swype actually is, so just assumed it was a keyboard app. Maybe I should look into it a bit more...
This has probably been discussed to death, but I've had an HTC Desire for the past 6 months and damn the keyboard absolutely s**ts me to tears. Great phone otherwise, but I can't wait to get back to an iPhone.
Got the Herringbone Le Sale email, wandered into city (Melbourne) on boxing day to have a look.....and both stores were closed
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith That's because it's a Sea Dweller, not a Submariner. I knew that much from looking at it, but is there any other difference between the SD and the Sub? I really like the look of the cleaner crystal without date cyclops.
Did anyone make it to the Herringbone sales? I was after the Woden blazer but nothing left in my size unfortunately.
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