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Thanks for your response. That's helpful information. If nothing can be done about the shoulders, then yeah, I feel something went wrong. Perhaps an order got switched or something, as it just looks a bit big all around.
Hey everyone,I purchased a suit from TaT and it arrived this week. I'm feeling a little nervous as I am getting married in this suit and am wanting to make sure to get everything taken care of in advance. I have never owned a suit before, but I can tell something is off with this one, but am not sure what the actual issue is. Jason took my measurements, so I felt good on that end. Some points concern:Shoulders - jacket is just to big?length - the jacket seems quite long,...
Thanks for the suggestions guys! One the Clarks website I think they are going for $120. I often see pairs for around $60, but I think they're a cheaper line or something as the leather looks pretty bad. They don't wear in well at all, either. I think the difference is between the "Desert Boots" and "Original Desert Boots." Could be mistaken on that, though. I'll look around and see what I can find elsewhere.
Hey all, I've had my CDB for about three years, worn almost every day and the sole finally broke through. I took 'em to my cobbler and he said he doesn't want to resole them as it won't last. Apparently the uppers fall apart after they're cut and he cannot vulcanize them like they do in factory.. Have you guys had experience with this? Should I just send them back to Clark's and have them resole them or invest in something else? Thanks!
Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation as I hadn't heard of this oil/cream before.
I ordered a pair of Brown 1000 miles and per recommendation here have decided to oil them before I wear them. I live in California and don't experience much rain and won't be using the boots for much (if any) outdoorsy things (hiking, etc). Is there an oil recommendation that will protect the boots with my kind of use that will change the color only minimally? Also, should I oil the soles before having a vibram half sole on? Thanks a lot!
Just a question in general about the J.Crew "black resin" color; will they fade into a blue color or stay black?
What is the fit on these? Can you post any measurements? Thanks!
Measurements on the +J black parka?
I love this jacket. . . . . . Out of my price range. :/
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