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In hopes of getting the thread back on track, I want to agree with Cool the Kid (and all others who have made the point) that the shirt is too large in the shoulders. There are three elements that can be altered relatively easily in a shirt, the circumference of the torso at waist and chest, the opening of the armholes and lastly the taper of the sleeves. These three elements are easily altered without any real deconstruction of the shirt. With this in mind it is important...
Hello there! I, too, have been altering shirts and began a thread here for those that are interested. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=163820 -Billbeme
I've tried cheap brands from "Famous Footwear/Payless" and more "known" brands like Nike. I've found they all wear out quickly or rip at the tiny band of elastic. Moreover, despite how little fabric is used, they are surprisingly expensive. Can anyone mention a brand (perhaps the Johnston Murphy socks mentioned) that do not split or rip? If the answer is "No" is it just the nature of these socks to fall apart easily? Thanks.
Perhaps I did not search correctly but I did perform a search on both styleforum and the web at large for the new Dr. Marten "For Life" line (specifically). There is a great deal of information on Dr. Martens but my question is whether anyone has any thoughts/reviews on their "For Life" line which is new and limited to two models, the 1460 and the original 3-Eye shoes. I will search again but if you could provide a link to what you reference, I would appreciate. My intent...
Hello! I looked on styleform and the intrawebs for some thoughts on the new Dr. Martens "For Life" collection to no avail. Does anyone have any thoughts? http://www.drmartensforlife.com/ Thanks! -B
Quote: Originally Posted by kaizoku Fat people should only dress in track suits and tennis shoes so they can run their fat asses around the block a few times. I think this community (using the term loosely) above all else can appreciate that clothes and their color, pattern, cut and fabric can all do powerful things to the way one is perceived. It is one thing to suggest that equal time should be spent on one's naked figure as well as their...
These are my exact measurements. I wish I could afford it! Good luck.
I'll take the Gap polo (free). I'll pay for shipping if you can provide some measurements.
Can you provide measurements on the first two Top Man shirts? Thanks!
Quote: I do some thrifting but I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I do if I had to do all that work! If something doesn't fit right, I just don't buy it, no matter how good the find is otherwise Funny you should say this, I find myself trying very hard to justify my efforts. Truth be told, as soon as I can afford not to alter my own clothes, I won't. I enjoy wearing the clothes I've altered enough to keep doing it, but it isn't anything that relaxes me or...
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