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Indeed it is. Fabricius/Kastholm did make some amazing furniture.
PH - Contrast Lamp PH - Piano Lamp
^ Because of Kirsten Dunst.. Trier: You can compare the film with 'Titanic'. Everyone knows that the ship will go down. The question is just how and when it happens. Melancholia begins with the destruction of Earth and then jumps back in time. It is not about who survives because there is no one who survives. This is my first film with an unhappy ending.
I know it is preferable, but must a vest necessarily match the suit? As an example, would an all gray vest go with a gray glen plaid suit? If so, what about nuances in the gray colors - should the vest be in a lighter or darker tan than the suit?
Just picked up a pair of the brown ones from Cafeina. The leather (picture gives them a suede'ish look) is thick but extremely soft and comfortable. I might have to change the laces though - any suggestions?
This is a bit urgent... Can anybody provide me with more info on those jackets from this auction? It says the sizes of the jackets are 26/27 (and that the sleeves are rather short). What do these measurements corresponds to in US or (preferably) European sizes?
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Gonna try and take it Nice 'N' Easy today... Very, very nice. I love your tie - deeds please.
Yesterday I got a drop of olive oil on my favorite silk tie. I tried to remove the stain by dapping it with a slightly wet napkin. In my eager attempt I also added a little bit of washing up liquid on the napkin as well. Unfortunately, none of this helped. The spotis now bigger (but maybe slightly less visible). My question is, what shoulds I do now?
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