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Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Anyone see these in person, your thoughts? Regular Converse sizing? It's either these or leather Rod Lavers if I can find them. Other suggestions? Converse Cup I have these and went with my usual Converse size (sized down 1).
Burberry - The Beat Just received some samples of Grey Vetiver and Terre d'Hermes that I'm eager to try...
Quote: Originally Posted by mntran19 I really like firefox, imo its a lot better than google chrome. How so? In my experience, Chrome is way faster. It also looks better, and the home page is handy, plus all the possible extensions/applications. I used Firefox for years and years but Chrome really blew it out of the water. Anyway, Chrome ProTools OpenOffice
I'm 6'3", she's 5'10". Tall girls seem to care the most about how tall a guy is. I was once approached on the street by a >6' woman with a tiara and sash that read "Ms. Tall California," who invited me to join the Silicon Valley tall people club. My theory is that it was created by tall women who wanted an easy way to find guys tall enough for them. I mean, being tall isn't exactly something you can have a lot of conversation about...
Quote: Originally Posted by wonderwall Fucking LOL at the lady in the background. Also, white crew neck whyyyyyyyyyy
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 The lapels on the old Ludlow fit were still very slim, but could possible be worn casually and without a tie. The current lapels on the Ludlow fit are just stupid. This looks fine to me and works with the tie he's wearing. I'm with the other guy; MC disapproval is sometimes a good thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly awful thread apparently everyone here enjoys girls looking like 12 yr old boys If you think the women in this thread look like 12 year old boys, then I would not feel comfortable allowing you near any 12 year old boys...
It has more to do with fits he's posted in the past than his most current photo. The most ridiculous stuff is on SomethingAwful, but that was a pretty long time ago. His most current fit is obviously just fine. People just can't get over past transgressions, I guess.
The pink carabiner makes the photo.
There is a dedicated J Crew thread here: The people who can answer your question all post there.
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