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yes, loved bowman bros!lots of great bourbons for under $30, but i don't know many others that are made in small batches and pot stills at that price point.buffalo trace is another solid bet in that price range that i found vaguely similar to bowmandifferent (but great) bourbons in that price range include four roses, weller antique 107, and countless others
fourthed. smoky!
crazy sweet and vanilla-ey. not sure if it's infused/spiced/otherwise artificially flavored or not. at a discount it's still worth a shot i guess.neat, it's just too syrupy-sweet. if you can get it cheap, try it on the rocks, or in an appropriately-tart cocktail.
tough to find randolphs for under $100 these days, but even at that price they're a steal. easily better than most glasses costing 3x more. i got mine from hidalgos.i have a pair of AO as well, and i think they compare favorably to the randolph aviators. in fact, i might like my AO slightly better. at ~$45, they're shockingly good.
it takes awhile (months) but my size 31 eventually stretched all the way up to a 34 waist. thighs stretched too, but not much.SUPER soft and comfortable once they're fully broken in. several years (and a few repairs later) i'm still wearing mine.
here's mine the denim is lightweight, stretchy,and soft--as requested for my wife's jeans. it's also hairier and has more character than i honestly expected for stretch denim matte black hardware hidden rivets rainbow selvage ID, chain-stitched hem. VERY neatly constructed seams, and a hint of roping around the hem signed numbered thick, natural leather patch peeking out he also sent me a photo of the pattern
do it
i guess i could squeeze into them. . .
depends on your definition of established members, but i had him make a pair for my wife recently. super cool guy, sourced some really nice stretch selvage denim for me. once all the details were finalized, i think they reached me in NYC in like 10 days or so which was quicker than i expected. i'm considering having him make me a pair with the sugarcane denim that he stocks.sorry no fit pics of the wife's jeans, but i can get some regular pics up if people want to see.
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