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i guess i could squeeze into them. . .
depends on your definition of established members, but i had him make a pair for my wife recently. super cool guy, sourced some really nice stretch selvage denim for me. once all the details were finalized, i think they reached me in NYC in like 10 days or so which was quicker than i expected. i'm considering having him make me a pair with the sugarcane denim that he stocks.sorry no fit pics of the wife's jeans, but i can get some regular pics up if people want to see.
never trust a man who doesn't drink Sunny D
just a quick review--i decided to give juan a shot and ordered a basic OCBD. he responded to my request within a few hours of my initial email, located one in my size that same day, and four days later it was at my door.saved a few bucks on shipping (versus ordering from the website), and avoided my (subpar) BB store.would recommend.
the alden trubalance is also a little bit wider than the wolverine 1k. that is to say, the alden is probably a "normal" width, whereas the wolverine is longer and narrower than usual.so, i wear a 10d in the wolverine 1k, and 9.5C would have probably been the right size for me (i have slightly narrow feet). the 9.5d alden fits fine, but if you have narrow feet (and like the way your wolverines fit), you might see if a C width is available in the alden trubalance that...
I wear 1000 miles in a 10d and Indy boots in a 9.5d. They fit similarly. The Aldens also seem to have stretched more over the years than the wolverines. Both are made of chromexcel. Sent from my Nexus S 4G using Tapatalk 2
anybody here ever had a sweater or other knit altered in NYC? searching here and elsewhere leads me to believe that it can be done, but it's not very common. i'll ask my usual tailor, but would love another option.
don't know if vibram makes soles like these, but a company called itshide definitely doesi had the venerable b.nelson do soles like these (with a dainite heel) on a pair of boots, so it can definitely be done. how easy/feasible/cheap it is to get viberg to do them, who knows until you ask
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