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I had small-to-moderate amounts of water coming in through the welt of my 1Ks.At the risk of re-opening this can of worms, SnoSeal 100% stopped water from getting in. Obenauf's LP did too. Having used both, I prefer Obenauf's.My 1Ks are my rough-weather boots, and my Alden Indys see somewhat better weather. Maybe I'm doing it rong?
I have this problem with SnoSeal, but not with Obenauf's LP on my CXL boots.
Fixed that for you.
Water molecules (whether liquid or vapor) are always made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, separated by bond lengths of about 84 picometers (picometers are 1000x smaller than nanometers). These bonds do bend, stretch, and vibrate with temperature and radiation (like IR), but this difference would be transient and minimal in comparison to the size of Goretex pores, which range from 60-90 microns (roughly one-million times larger than a water molecule.
This is actually encouraging. I edited my earlier comments accordingly.
Yep, gotta side with Ozzy on this one. Every problem (and let's be honest there are only a handful) in this thread could have probably been avoided had there been one person from Gustin with a clipboard or checklist on site the day that each run of 100 (and many of them were only runs of 50) went out the door.
My two cents: I'm one of the first to report problems with a Gustin product here. A few more problems have been posted since then. It's common in any industry for people with problems to be more vocal, and for people who are satisfied to make relatively less noise. So, the problems that exist (and they exist at any company) are magnified in public forums like this one. Let's take an objective look at it. Gustin doesn't have a warehouse or stores. This keeps the...
pix naow
I ordered it, hated it, and returned it instantly.The buckle looks cool and unique in the video, but is frustrating and weird in person.The leather is odd. They describe it as 100% Italian leather. I'm not an expert, but it feels like bonded leather or bicast leather (both of which can be called "100%" leather in the USA) to me. Whatever it is, it's definitely not a full-grain leather or calfskin.Edit: I should clarify that mine was the "Essential Belt." The...
I always assumed that Sno Seal would make my soles slipperier. Tried it this winter anyway, and much to my surprise traction has greatly improved!No experience with Obenauf's, but anybody who's used SnoSeal before knows that it's actually quite sticky-tacky rather than greasy-slippery.
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