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Eh, the collar is pretty short, which makes it difficult or impossible to wear all but the skinniest of ties. The 3rd button on the back of the collar means these shirts aren't designed to be worn with a tie, and will never really look quite right.The collars are also pretty light. This is nice when worn unbuttoned, but combined with the relatively lightweight fabrics, there's really not much of a collar roll at all.
I don't know if there have been any systematic measurements of shrinkage in Gustin shirts, but I figured I'd post up the following for reference. My Gray Ember Flannel (size large) shipped in March 2014 and is washed and worn weekly during winter, fall, and spring. It's always washed in cold water, and never put in the dryer. Here are the current measurements: Chest: 43.5" (published is 45.5") Waist: 41" (published 43.5") Center back: 28.75" (published...
Eh, you'd be surprised. I've tried it. Sno Seal is pretty sticky, tacky stuff. I'd say that traction actually slightly improved on everything other that ice (which is hopeless anyway in a leather-soled shoe).I'm not saying it's essential, but don't knock it till you've tried it.
I've used both and highly prefer Obenauf's LP over SnoSeal for my 1Ks. Apply it the same way as SnoSeal, just rub it on lightly with bare hands. Your body heat will melt the Obenauf's, and so I didn't find that any additional heat was necessary for Obenauf's. Brushing wasn't necessary either, just wipe off any excess for a sort of satin-shine.I bet that's good enough. If you find you want more shine or color after that by all means use the wax or polish of your choice,...
they all do that. once they're fully blackened it won't look so weird
Great basic recipe, but I agree it's a little heavy on the Cointreau. Usually I just pour Cointreau and simple syrup (1:1) into the 1 oz side of the jigger so I get roughly half of each. Agave nectar would probably be better than the simple syrup, but it's not strictly essential.Espolon is a great choice for margaritas. Affordable 100% blue agave tequila, and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smokier than other tequilas at that price point. I find the smokiness a big overpowering when...
It's time for a re-sole. Since you know your wear pattern is heavier on the toe, it will probably be a good idea to have a tap or topy put on at the same time.
I'm similar build and have two Gustin shirts (one flannel one Oxford). Large is the right size, particularly if you have broad shoulders. The body of the is cut slim so a large will not be baggy. It's also not cut long in the body, if anything maybe a hair too short in the body. Sleeve length is pretty long, so depending on your arm length this could be an issue, but the long and on Gustin shirts are perfect for me.
It's worth noting that the popular vodkas over the fast few pages (which also happen to be my favorites) Tito's, Ketel One, and Hangar One are all made in pot stills. Maybe the distillation method matters. Most big brands are made via continuous, column distillation or reflux. The ICD vodka looks like something out of my organic chemistry class. As a science nerd, I'll be keeping an eye out for it!
Serious reply, in case your post is serious.Everybody gets profiled. Some groups definitely experience this differently than others, and your age and race may make the experience of being profiled significantly more uncomfortable than it is for others, but it happens to everybody. Whenever you enter a new environment, you will be judged on the information that's available to people, which includes not only your clothing, but also your race, approximate age, height,...
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