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It's time for a re-sole. Since you know your wear pattern is heavier on the toe, it will probably be a good idea to have a tap or topy put on at the same time.
I'm similar build and have two Gustin shirts (one flannel one Oxford). Large is the right size, particularly if you have broad shoulders. The body of the is cut slim so a large will not be baggy. It's also not cut long in the body, if anything maybe a hair too short in the body. Sleeve length is pretty long, so depending on your arm length this could be an issue, but the long and on Gustin shirts are perfect for me.
It's worth noting that the popular vodkas over the fast few pages (which also happen to be my favorites) Tito's, Ketel One, and Hangar One are all made in pot stills. Maybe the distillation method matters. Most big brands are made via continuous, column distillation or reflux. The ICD vodka looks like something out of my organic chemistry class. As a science nerd, I'll be keeping an eye out for it!
Serious reply, in case your post is serious.Everybody gets profiled. Some groups definitely experience this differently than others, and your age and race may make the experience of being profiled significantly more uncomfortable than it is for others, but it happens to everybody. Whenever you enter a new environment, you will be judged on the information that's available to people, which includes not only your clothing, but also your race, approximate age, height,...
I have a pair of each, both in Chromexcel. They're both great boots, and you'll be happy with either one.Comfort is VERY subjective and if at all possible, trying them on locally would be your best bet. You're gonna be spending several hundred dollars on these, so if they're available within an hour or so drive of where you live, you really should go check them out in person. Alden's Trubalance last has a fairly unique shape, and the last that fits your foot shape best...
I've used several 3-piece shakers at various price points. Hated them all, and never found one that didn't leak. They were also notoriously difficult to disassemble for cleaning (or making a second round of drinks).Finally settled on a cheapie Boston shaker as KJ mentioned. The stainless cup was $6 on amazon and the strainer was $4, both of mine are the standard Winco foodservice brand that you'd find in millions of bars across the country, but there are plenty of other...
That's normal. The stitching on top will not unravel.
I have one of their patterned oxfords. Assuming it's a similar fabric, I would say the texture and weight of the fabric works well a little more dressed up. It's not as "rugged" as many other oxfords, but it does have a really nice soft/fine texture.You might have trouble wearing a tie with it though. I haven't tried it, but the collar is very short compared to more traditional OCBDs like Brooks Brothers or Land's End. You'd have trouble fitting all but the skinniest...
Not this one, the fabric is no longer in production.
1Ks are narrow. Whether or not they're too narrow is entirely up to you. Lots of people here have been wearing them for years under pretty rough conditions with no ill effects, at least from a durability standpoint.
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