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seriously? take it to a tailor. this is why they exist. the shirt fits you reasonably well in the shoulders. any tailor should be able to slim down the body/waist for like $10-$20. add another $5-$10 if you want him to trim a few inches off the hem, then you'll be able to wear it untucked if you choose.
awesome prices on stevenson overall company
ITT: Crane trolls crane, and in so doing, trolls newbie. Bravo sir, bravo.
win.now serious: buy any polo under $40. don't put it in the dryer ever. problem solved.
b. nelson did mine as well. great job. photos herehttp://www.styleforum.net/t/163864/wolverine-1000-mile-boot-review/1215#post_5400088
yes, loved bowman bros!lots of great bourbons for under $30, but i don't know many others that are made in small batches and pot stills at that price point.buffalo trace is another solid bet in that price range that i found vaguely similar to bowmandifferent (but great) bourbons in that price range include four roses, weller antique 107, and countless others
fourthed. smoky!
crazy sweet and vanilla-ey. not sure if it's infused/spiced/otherwise artificially flavored or not. at a discount it's still worth a shot i guess.neat, it's just too syrupy-sweet. if you can get it cheap, try it on the rocks, or in an appropriately-tart cocktail.
tough to find randolphs for under $100 these days, but even at that price they're a steal. easily better than most glasses costing 3x more. i got mine from hidalgos.i have a pair of AO as well, and i think they compare favorably to the randolph aviators. in fact, i might like my AO slightly better. at ~$45, they're shockingly good.
it takes awhile (months) but my size 31 eventually stretched all the way up to a 34 waist. thighs stretched too, but not much.SUPER soft and comfortable once they're fully broken in. several years (and a few repairs later) i'm still wearing mine.
New Posts  All Forums: