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I ordered it, hated it, and returned it instantly.The buckle looks cool and unique in the video, but is frustrating and weird in person.The leather is odd. They describe it as 100% Italian leather. I'm not an expert, but it feels like bonded leather or bicast leather (both of which can be called "100%" leather in the USA) to me. Whatever it is, it's definitely not a full-grain leather or calfskin.Edit: I should clarify that mine was the "Essential Belt." The...
I always assumed that Sno Seal would make my soles slipperier. Tried it this winter anyway, and much to my surprise traction has greatly improved!No experience with Obenauf's, but anybody who's used SnoSeal before knows that it's actually quite sticky-tacky rather than greasy-slippery.
Definitely post some photos of the flannel when it comes in, I think everybody here would appreciate it. They don't even have to be fit-pics necessarily, just photos of a complete shirt would be awesomely helpful.
Yep I've got two years on my 1K with commando soles and they're still good for at least another winter, probably more. I did notice that my boots got significantly heavier when I put the commando sole on, but the improved durability and grip were well worth it!
EDIT: after staring at my shirt, my photo, Gustin's photo and back and forth again, I've come to a somewhat different conclusion. My shirt and Gustin's photo are in fact slightly different fabrics. Gustin's photo clearly shows alternating lines of blue-green-blue-green in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Mine is so similar I barely noticed, but after staring at it, all of the vertical lines in my fabric are blue, and all of the horizontal lines in my fabric...
nice find! tell me more about these merino insoles. tell me even more about where you found them for $15!!!
Thanks for clarifying. You're right I've definitely been using less SnoSeal since I've started reading your posts and the situation has improved. And yea, wiping or brushing the dust off is really not a big deal.I used shoe trees for awhile when they were new, but it was sort of a hassle to squeeze the shoe trees in there everyday so I stopped. Haven't used shoe trees in about two years and the shape of my boots is just fine. Then again, these are my rain/snow/mud...
I also have lots of problems with dust after SnoSeal. I can buff them up to a nice shine as crane has demonstrated many times, but within a day or two, dust just seems to stick to them--even if they're just sitting at home! After a few months, dust no longer seems to stick as badly but around that time i usually discover that they are not nearly as water-resistant either!Also--after wearing the SnoSealed boots all day, there's a distinct odor when i take them off. Yes,...
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