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Buttons fall off of shirts. That's why essentially every shirt (Gustin's included) has a few extra buttons at the bottom of the front placket. Snip off one of those spares and replace your lost buttons. If you're in a pinch, you don't actually need two at each cuff, so there are technically extras there as well. If you're really in a pinch, I bet Gustin would send you some new buttons if you asked nicely.
Yup, I'm sure the numbers are different for Gustin based on their business model. I bet a higher number than 14% of their customers get in touch regarding issues, but it's probably still a minority percentage. Still, Gustin likes to cite that the return rates for their products are low (I can't remember if they stated it's lower than industry standard, or lower than their targets), and they use that as an indicator that these QC problems are not real. Either way, we all...
You're right, but it doesn't matter http://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ622756
The tall shirts have a separate tag with the word "Tall" printed on it, right next to the size tag.
Got the #128 Royal Purple Flannel in the mail yesterday. It's VERY purple, and the red tones in their stock photos are much more muted in real life. It's a 5.0 oz flannel as opposed to the 4.0 oz of the #15 Gray Ember Flannel that I got awhile back. That's a 20% increase in weight, and it definitely feels more substantial. If I had to guess without seeing the numbers, I'd (wrongly) guess that it's 40-50% heavier than the Gray Ember. It's approaching the weight of an...
Yea, the shape has changed somewhat over time, but the angle of the photo tends to exaggerate the effect. From the everyday real-life view (looking straight down at your toes) they still look more or less indistinguishable from any other 1K.Peru is about the wildest place these boots have been, it's city life 99.9% of the time for them. They were my everyday work boots for about a year when I was in school and working as a valet full-time. That meant running on pavement...
My 1Ks went to Peru over the holidays. It's the rainy season, so they saw thunderstorms in the Amazon and plenty of rain at Machu Picchu too. Obenauf's LP kept my feet nice and dry, and the commando sole was great in the mud.
I've contacted twice in the past--once successfully (I got store credit), and once unsuccessfully (I'd already washed the shirt before realizing the fabric was not the same as the one I'd backed).The general tone of the correspondence was: we'll take just about anything back that hasn't been washed or worn. They didn't seem particularly concerned with any quality control or quality improvement initiatives, or feedback regarding the customer experience when things go...
My mistake! Will edit.Gotcha. It might work with a bowtie. You never know until you try! I can't compare to Mercer, but I can compare to Kamakura, LE Hyde Park, and Brooks Brothers oxfords.. The Gustin collar is significantly shorter and softer.
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