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Nearly ALL commercial detergents (including Woolite, apparently) have a blue dye in them. If you pour your liquid detergent and it's blue, it has blue dye. If you scoop powdered detergent and it has a few blue crystals in it, that's blue dye.We don't think of it much (since it's standard in most commercial laundry detergents), but a "bluing" dye used to be added to the laundry in the same way that you might use bleach or oxyclean today--as an additive to "boost" whites. ...
This view assumes that a new pair would be better than an old pair re-soled by Brian. This may or may not be true, depending on your definition of "better."
Nice work! Brian has my 1Ks currently and they're getting a similar Vibram sole. The snow and ice are nearly done here in New York, but at least I'll be ready for next year!
Thanks for confirming!It's a shop with a generally good reputation on this forum. I'll give them the chance to make it right, and will follow-up as appropriate after that.
Hi all, I could use some feedback on the the issue pictured below. These are Indy boots that I had re-soled with J. Rendenbach soles about a year ago. The shop that did the work has done good work for me in the past on several other pairs. On this pair, I noticed the stitching sorta "running off the edge" and generally looking a little sloppy near the heel as pictured below. Is this normal for a re-sole on a 3/4 welt? I didn't think too much of it at the time of...
SorrySucks that it's out of spec, but you just described my ideal shirt!
That looks like normal patina to me. I have a pair of Aldens in brown chromexcel that did the same "nearly black" thing, and other areas where I was sure I had scuffed them permanently. My black wolverines would scuff deep enough for brown leather to show through. They always returned to normal after a quick wipe with a conditioner. I use Lexol but practically any boot oil should work.
Yup, all of my Gustin shirts have shrunk pretty significantly. They've never been in a dryer, and washed in cold water only. Some are borderline unwearable at this point now, so I size up on future orders in anticipation of future shrinkage. I'm a little heavier than you, but I order Large-Tall these days, mostly because of the shoulder width, and length at the side scoops. Since I'm now sizing up, I will use the dryer on the first three or four washes to accelerate...
Buttons fall off of shirts. That's why essentially every shirt (Gustin's included) has a few extra buttons at the bottom of the front placket. Snip off one of those spares and replace your lost buttons. If you're in a pinch, you don't actually need two at each cuff, so there are technically extras there as well. If you're really in a pinch, I bet Gustin would send you some new buttons if you asked nicely.
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