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This. Even if your IRs are a little long, if you're not getting blisters or anything from your feet sliding around, then it's really not a problem. That's just how the boots fit on you, and quite honestly a little too much room is better than too little. You can wear thicker socks or try insoles with those if you're convinced they're much too long.Measurements are just measurements, and we're talking about a few millimeters between sizes here. As you already know they...
He's talking about this:http://modernsurvivalblog.com/preps/5-steps-to-buy-boots-that-fit/Supposedly, you shove your foot into all the way forward into the (unlaced) boot, then check for clearance behind your heel. It's not a very reliable method to test boot fit, it just gets you in the right ballpark as far as length.Honestly dude, lace up your boots normally. Walk around the house. Wiggle your toes, can they touch the front of the boot? Does your heel slip? Does it...
That is a great fabric. I have the Royal Purple and the Red Ember flannels from Gustin.Both have the same great, smooth hand so I'd be comfortable ordering any of their flannels, although the 5oz Royal Purple feels MUCH heavier than the 4oz Red Ember.I've experienced pretty significant shrinkage with both, so be careful with yours.
Nearly ALL commercial detergents (including Woolite, apparently) have a blue dye in them. If you pour your liquid detergent and it's blue, it has blue dye. If you scoop powdered detergent and it has a few blue crystals in it, that's blue dye.We don't think of it much (since it's standard in most commercial laundry detergents), but a "bluing" dye used to be added to the laundry in the same way that you might use bleach or oxyclean today--as an additive to "boost" whites. ...
This view assumes that a new pair would be better than an old pair re-soled by Brian. This may or may not be true, depending on your definition of "better."
Nice work! Brian has my 1Ks currently and they're getting a similar Vibram sole. The snow and ice are nearly done here in New York, but at least I'll be ready for next year!
Thanks for confirming!It's a shop with a generally good reputation on this forum. I'll give them the chance to make it right, and will follow-up as appropriate after that.
Hi all, I could use some feedback on the the issue pictured below. These are Indy boots that I had re-soled with J. Rendenbach soles about a year ago. The shop that did the work has done good work for me in the past on several other pairs. On this pair, I noticed the stitching sorta "running off the edge" and generally looking a little sloppy near the heel as pictured below. Is this normal for a re-sole on a 3/4 welt? I didn't think too much of it at the time of...
SorrySucks that it's out of spec, but you just described my ideal shirt!
That looks like normal patina to me. I have a pair of Aldens in brown chromexcel that did the same "nearly black" thing, and other areas where I was sure I had scuffed them permanently. My black wolverines would scuff deep enough for brown leather to show through. They always returned to normal after a quick wipe with a conditioner. I use Lexol but practically any boot oil should work.
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