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I didn't like Lexol on my 1Ks. You can try it on a small corner, it left a "sticky" finish on mine, not sure why since it's great on pretty much all other leather.I use neatsfoot oil on my chromexcel boots and it works great. I'd imagine mink oil would be good too.I'm not familiar with Bick 4 so can't comment.Haven't used Saphir polishes, but Meltonian cream polishes also made my 1Ks sticky.
In a word, KILLER. Breathed new life into some well-worn boots. Here are some before/afters from earlier in this thread: There are better photos on Brian's instagram too if you scroll back about a year. Now, I can't say how much of that improvement is specifically due to the steel shank. Perhaps the boots would be just as good with a fiberglass shank, I really don't know. I can say...
Yea Brian has done a ton of 1Ks, including mine, and he always uses a steel shank.
Yes, I asked Gustin for this years ago after receiving a shirt with a MUCH smaller pattern than the photos depicted.
We need some photos! My order got cancelled so I'm waiting for the next round. . ..
Viberg Service Boot - unlinedRedwing Iron Ranger - unlinedWhite's Semi-Dress - unlinedNick's Robert - unlinedThis style of boot is typically not lined. While they might feel slightly less "polished" (and hey, they're not a pair of cap-toe balmorals so boots are supposed to feel a little rough), there's no functional difference, and certainly no deficit in terms of shape or durability. In fact, my unlined 1Ks are made of significantly thicker leather than my leather-lined...
What are the perceived benefits of lined boots, in your opinion? And, how much additional would you be willing to pay for said benefits?Full-disclosure, I do own at least one pair of lined boots in addition to my (obviously unlined) 1Ks.
As noted earlier, several of the reputable tailors in this thread are not interested in doing shirts. They have no problem staying busy doing only the bigger jobs.I'm sure if you look around hard enough you'll find somebody who will do it, but as mentioned above, most of the shirts in Manhattan are tailored by your neighborhood dry cleaner.You're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way. Use yelp, or call the department stores and find out who they send their...
Just FYI, I may have misinterpreted the above, but the kibata ST cut is not currently available at SENY. The SL cut is in stock and looks SWEET!
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