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Quote: Originally Posted by metkirk Believe it or not some kids can blow a serious amount of money on clothes. I know kids who blindly spend money on designer stuff and when I visited their houses I had a hard time not feeling bad for their parents since they obviously didn't seem to make money that easily. Anyway, I usually spend $500 a year for clothing related items. Haha man, that's like me... I dress ok...very basic. Gotta put it all...
Quote: Originally Posted by jsp514 Earnest Sewn Fulton 50 "Line Dry" jeans in size 32. Never worn but I soaked them in cold water for about 1.5 hours. No noticeable loss of color or change in size. They were a bit too big for me so I was hoping they would shrink after a soak but didn't work out. Asking for $55 shipped. (Pictures will be added soon). Whats the measurements?
Well, I live in Winnipeg, affectionately called by some winterpeg.. It can get to like, -50 with the windchill sometimes. Cold doesn't bother me TOO bad, my jacket isn't that heavy, and there's usually a hoodie underneath. Anyone have some good recommendations? What are some things you guys wear to stay warm?
Quote: Originally Posted by atroopan For trying on RM Williams - get thee to a store called Australian Boot Company. They sell the regular line for the most part, but at least you will have something to compare to if you choose to order a more customized boot. http://www.australianboot.com/ In Vancouver - 1964 West 4th Avenue. Those Frye's look very nice too. Surprised noone mentioned the Indy boot for ruggedness. troop Oh...
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked +1. Just get a girlfriend. Best accessory ever. :P I don't know if I could ever wear a fanny pack as a regular item... I wear enough of it at work (Part of lifeguard uniform) I just have it on my hip..but to wear it beyond work...
Hey, I just went to a store here that sells Allen Edmonds, the guy even got me fitted for some dress shoes, they didn't have the Park Avenue, but, I tried on another model at 10.5 D, felt a lil tight in the width, but he said a dress shoe should be a little tighter ar first, it will stretch a bit with wear. So, should I be looking at a 9.5 F ?
Quote: Originally Posted by razuel my new frye boots nudie bola's random white tee too large guess jacket I'm probably going to see if I can get this jacket altered; I really like it. What boot is that? Same with the AE shoes you were wearing earlier?
Hmm..never really knew that, I have a few pairs of shorts I like..they go to knee..I never really liked shorts that go above the knee or at the knee... I liked a little below, I hate how shorts ride up some when you sit down...
I just relized about the inseam, under 30 had 34" inseam. How do they look with stacking? I was thinking more of the rescues.. Don't know how a slim(mer) pair of jeans would look.
Woah, 36's..do you cuffed them or are just really tall? Never cuffed jeans before.. What about the rise?
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