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You might want to check with airlines on those special fare for point to point within the region as long as you do not return to the same city. I know Cathay had it before, might be called "Asia Pass" though I can be wrong. Personally I do not think you need a tour guide in China. It is not that bad and common sense applies everywhere. Likely you will be able to meet up with other visitors from US/Europe and team together, which would help. You can find plenty of...
OP - nice find. I suppose not many sartorialists in CO Springs and thus less competition.
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ I dyed some shoes from brown to black, no fancy antiquing. I started by experimenting with beater J&M's first and now I'm doing AE's. The shop didn't have deglazer so I used acetone. Dye was Fiebing's and I'll be using Lexol conditioner tomorrow. 1. Cleaned shoes 2. Rubbed acetone multiple times 3. Applied dye 4. Buffed (waited a few hours for dye to dry, too impatient to wait overnight) 5. Applied dye (tongue...
Several of my friends use typepad which they enjoy. There is a monthly fee of $15 however but assume not a big deal costwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I think Porsche owns the majority of VW stock anyway, so I think this is something that actually makes sense.. But we know how life changes before and after marriage :-)
VW and Porsche to merge. I hope they do not repeat the history of the DaimlerChrysler marriage.
I am curious what Vox would vote for, if not the option 1.
Thanks, guys. I will check them out.
I am trying to find a linen scarf for cool spring nights. Any recommendation of sourcing and brands would be appreciated. TIA.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Because ostensibly lobbying is merely conveying opinions for an interest group that sometimes happens to be over lunch and dinner, and it is a highly regulated and monitored activity. It would be really difficult for me to fathom millions of lobby $ are "merely conveying opinions" without some returns. Business interests are $ in return, however indirect they might be.
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