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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Used to live in SE Asia, but haven't been to China, HK aside. I'm now thinking of extending Shanghai, dumping Hangzhou, and maybe three days hiking and chilling in the country. Anyone have a line on a hipster hotel in Shanghai? Staying at the RC for four days, but wouldn't mind checking out another place. Any SF folk there? lefty Since this is your 1st trip to China, I'd suggest to include Beijing...
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 Thanks, looks like I will switch the band if I do get it. There is no way to see a Seiko Spirit in person in the States (NYC specifically)? Find it hard to imagine not a single store in NYC carries Seiko Spirit. As I understand it, it is for JP domestic market. Considering it is quite popular on the forum, some NYC based Forumites might be willing to meet you up to show you.
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 What's the model number of this Seiko Spirit? I believe it's SCVS013, AKA Vox's JWatch.
I flew on BA business class once from AMS via Heathrow to Narita. The flat bed was nice though I do not recall the food was great. Not sure about coach class. I like JAL and ANA's food a lot though their prices are not necessarily cheaper than US based. Not much experience with European airlines. With this far out, you probably will not be able to find much discount, which would probably only start coming several months before the flight.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt My shoes arrived yesterday. They couldn't be nicer, and the quality is at least at the same level as the other high end Austro-Hungarian shoes I have seen, if not better. The work is very clean, and the leather is beautiful. The last is traditional, yet more elegant than most of the trad A-H lasts. Very, very nice. Excellent feedback - to me it is like a Highly Recommended endorsement from the Consumer...
I also heard great stories about Limmer. IIRC, their turnaround time can be long.
Could you please post a side shot of the Oxford? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg Come on, I need a good quality knit! Vote #1 !!! You should sweeten your incentive by offering a share of your royalty with fellow SFers who've voted for you :-)
While I do not own a SUV nor do I plan to, I would own a SUV before a van.
Bravo! I would be interested if you could continue to update the Forvm on your progession and lessons learned. Again, well done!
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