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I have stayed at the Intercontinental Le Grand and St James & Albany in Paris. Both were nice and in good location. Unsure about the rate at IC as I redeemed points for it. I think currently IC hotel chain has a stay 2 and get 1 night free promotion. S&A was like 150-160 euro a night IIRC.
There are more things than age to consider to be an independent contractor / consultant. First of all, are you in a sustained and favorable position with your capabillies, connections/channels, cost?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Not that this helps (well.. May..) - I had this made from genuine croc belly for my BB Bold recently. They even put in the magnets back in to activate the key-lock About US$50 in HKG. Very nice PG. How long was its turnarond time? Maybe next time when I am in HK I can have one custom made too. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Move to Spain and date either a teacher or a bureaucrat. Or any EU countries? :-) My impression of my European friends sure take longer vacation. Look forward to your trip report with lots of pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Another plus of this thread is that you can usually be confident that there will be no or few photographs of me posted. So, it's kinda of a haven. - B Thanks for the reminder. Having been away on business for weeks, where can we find your recent pics except that in the Steed thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I had the pleasure of seeing my tailor, Edwin DeBoise of Steed, who is in Boston today and tomorrow morning, for fittings on two suits started last winter. - B I am curious how travelling tailors pack and ship unfinished suits and how they ensure they are wrinklefree? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty ^ No budget, just like hipster hotels. Now considering the Hotel G in Beijing. Hotel Cote Cour is closed while I'm there. lefty Dunno about the Hotel G but googled it's near San Li Tun which is a good location. Many embassies / western corp's are around there so you can meet internationally diverse people, not to mention, the bar street of BJ is there. Enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Now changed my trip to 5 days Shanghai and 5 days Beijing with maybe a day trip or two in there. URBN Hotel in Shanghai and the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing. Any hotel thoughts? lefty What's your budget? Not familiar with the SH URBN hotel, location wise, my preference is near the Bund. I stayed at the Renaissance SH once which was not bad. If the BJ Shangri-La Hotel is the one near Zi zhu yuan,...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Used to live in SE Asia, but haven't been to China, HK aside. I'm now thinking of extending Shanghai, dumping Hangzhou, and maybe three days hiking and chilling in the country. Anyone have a line on a hipster hotel in Shanghai? Staying at the RC for four days, but wouldn't mind checking out another place. Any SF folk there? lefty Since this is your 1st trip to China, I'd suggest to include Beijing...
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 Thanks, looks like I will switch the band if I do get it. There is no way to see a Seiko Spirit in person in the States (NYC specifically)? Find it hard to imagine not a single store in NYC carries Seiko Spirit. As I understand it, it is for JP domestic market. Considering it is quite popular on the forum, some NYC based Forumites might be willing to meet you up to show you.
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