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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I'm throwing down, you dorks. - B Vox, should you win the you're matt contest, would not that make a future contest of You're Vox less attractive as the forum already knows who the winner would be? Well, it seems that Matt's mostly 3 roll 2.5. So there might still be a market for a contest of You're Vox in DB, in one button suit, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots I shouldn't have made such a blanket statement. Chicago is a good example of a modern city that looks fairly attractive. New York has some great older skyscrapers too. I wish that the CBDs of China looked more like that. It's the lack of detail and the identicalness of the new cities that makes me want to jump off one of those high-rises. Hong Kong is better than any new Chinese city too, though I think it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian I don't mean to go off-topic, but I saw this pic of Howard Hughes on Tom Mahons Blog. Do you think the lenght works? I aquired two double breasted jackets for summer and they are about the same lenght (maybe not that short). Do you think a jacket can be shorter, if you wear it in a casual-summer setting? Personally I feel it is a bit short, esp for a DB.
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer Being embarrasingly short, I struggle with jacket length as well. I think part of the problem can result from a contrast between jackets and pants. For example, the jacket in the second picture appears to have the best length, and I think part of that may come from the fact that it doesn't have the same contrast in colors as do the other outfits. I think PG once pointed out (and I echoed his comments) in WAYWRN that...
The one I normally use is Would appreciate any others. Thanks,
Primarily Costco's monthly coupon book.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Iammatt. Vox
12?! I can not live without Costco so I am car dependent anyway :-)
Sound like a motivation to commit a crime in Sweden... Compared to welfare in Sweden, which one is better off, putting aside the freedom factor?
For those US based who bought from from Seiya Japan, could you share your experience on US Customs clearance and Customs duty if any? TIA.
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