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Price drop. Thanks.
Closet clearance continues... Kindly find here for sale a PRL suit. NWT. size: 40L, Made in Italy (Corneliani?), Polo II model Navy blue (sorry the pics taken indoor are not a good indicator). 100% Virgin Wool (Extra Fine 100 per the label) Jacket: 3 buttons, Double vented Pants: Flat front. Have suspender buttons Measurements: Jacket: Chest: 21.5" Shoulder: 19" Waist: 19.75" Sleeve: 26" BOC: 32" Pants: Waist: 34 Inseam: 36 (Come with cuff, not...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria being inducted into my informal Advisory by PM Group on restoration and renovation efforts. I would be interested in following this unless you intend to make Vox's House a regular broadcasted HGTV show :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Exerent. A sure bet candidate in the Vox's Weekly.
Would it be a problem (for US immigration checkpoint) if your departure stamp is on one passport and entry stamp is on another?
Quote: Originally Posted by whiskeylaureate I know we have a few Mulholland luggage fans on here, and I recently helped them launch a new site. I'm curious to hear what some of the faithful fans here think since it's a pretty big departure from their previous look. Jay and Guy Holland, the two brothers in charge, are pretty big motorcycle/hot rod nuts and wanted to put some of that into the brand. I'd tell you all to be honest, but I don't think I...
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Have you checked the Nike site? Thanks, did check the Nike site. Interested in a long sleeve jersey. I will settle on a short sleeve one if I can not get a long one. Regards.
Any recommendations for a reliable online source to buy an Oranje World Cup jersey (in US)? Thanks.
I am in. I'd be happy with either Netherland or Argentina, a repeat of the 1978 final.
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