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Anyone plans to go to the World Cup in Brazil?
I used to catch up soccer news at the 10 PM Fox Soccer channel (in the US). Now it seems no longer available with the introduction of the Fox Sport 1 and NBC Sports taking over the EPL US broadcasting right. Where do you get your daily recap nowadays (in US). Thanks.
For those who have the RL Saunders, are they TTS? Does the size list that an outlet emailed you contain just that store's inventory or the entire AE system? Thanks in advance.
Any recommendation on how I can locate an adult soccer team to join in Northern Virginia? For weekends. Thanks.
Due to the shape of the sleeve: 14 inch at its narrowest width 11 1/4 inch at its narrowest height 15 inch at its widest width 12 3/4 inch at its widest height Thanks for your interest.
Kindly find here for sale a BuiltLaptop Sleeve in black color, size medium. New but with no tag as I got it from a conference. $25 PLUS actual shipping cost in the method of your preference. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.
CMU is known for its quantitative side so he will probably have to be fairly comfortable with quantitative stuff to be successful at CMU. Also a random thought, USC has a medical school but CMU does not. I would think it would be easier for a med admin MBA student to go to the med school to take some courses if desired.
How about a small Billingham bag?
Do you use the same leather care products for non shoe leather goods, like bag, jacket, belt, as that for shoes? If different, could you recommend a few products? TIA.
Price drop. Thanks.
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