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I need to shave twice or 3 times a week...
Hello, there are new fashion drawings on my website ! All interested people are invited to have a look at them and leave their comments (i always read them!). Thanx, and don't forget to vote for your favorite collection!
The collection is much better than what karl lagerfeld did for H&M, but it's also more expensive. Anyways i'm sure there's nothing left in stores now!
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent You like it the bedazzler? eew
great shoes, buy them!
Hello everyone I'm back to share with you the new version of my website It includes 3 new fashion designs (in the "Fashion Drawings" section) plus new sections like photography or a blog... The old collections are now stored in the "Fashion Archives". Tell me what you think of it! Many thanks for the previous feedback I had. Malek. PS: Don't forget to vote for your favourite design because it determines which one stays and which one leaves...
I just started selling my drawings yesterday! maybe i should cancel my account now with this happening! is it frequent?
Quote: Originally Posted by MustangMike below is a picture of me... comments and suggestions are appreciated! I want to go for an older, more mature, more appealing look... but i can't grow facial hair... First thing to start with: BUUUUUUURRRNNN your white t-shirt and this pair of jeans!
we have to read all this to last longer in sex? it ain't easy....
I'd definitely go for the canon!
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