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I'd disagree here. My shirts from from DJA and Acorn (Grasmere Book) are a bitch to iron.
You are trying to flip the product for a profit. It is what it is.If you wanted to give people a heads up, then just tell them where the store is.
You're the idiot for trying to push some crap you bought in a Thrift Store for profit here.
I have a suit in the high-twist, which was delivered with 2 pairs of trousers. In my experience, when wearing the trousers, there is not much bagging at all for such a light fabric. They wear fairly cool too.I saw some Ambrosi's at The Armoury made in the 2-ply, and was tempted to use the heavier fabric for my next order. Might give it a crack and report back. The increased durability is appealing in my mind, as these will be a work-horse trouser.
Of course I'm being sarcastic.You contribute nothing. And then ask a question that has no relevance to this Thread.
I would be extremely worried.
I don't know about pricing yet. But I imagine a 2-Piece in Basic Cloth would very easily be over 3,000AU based upon what other Agents (ie. The Armoury) charge for that product. Provided the pricing schedule is not ridiculous (> than what The Armoury charge), I'm all set to order something.
I assume they can make their more standard offerings also. I'd prefer a work-horse coat with a chest canvas, and quarter-lined.
What are people using for Summer odd-trousers? About to put in a large order with Chan, and can't decide on the JJ Minnis High-Twist Fresco versus the 2-ply Fresco. I've found that the High-Twist Fresco holds a good crease, and hangs OK, without too much bagging. Anyone care to comment on whether the 2-ply is that much more durable or easier to tailor?
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