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I like arguing on the Internet. It brightens my work days. It's the first time I've been called a bigot. AM shoes are crap. The pictures tell you as much as you need to know.
It just annoys me when people spread misinformation. AM shoes are shit. I've seen them in the flesh. The materials are poor quality. I'm not going to sugar coat it. I tried, but then you came in and started spreading misinformation. If you knew anything about shoes, you would agree with me.If you want to support a good Australian shoe, go buy a RMW Craftsman boot for the reasonable price of $380. Don't spend $800 at AM.Here is what I am wearing today. A pair of...
PB. Looks good mate. ^ Agree with Axelman.
Any more loafers coming out anytime soon Romp? I'm smashing the ones I bought. They are just fantastic.
You ever handled an $800 shoe from another maker? You clearly don't know enough to be making an informed comment. What does being locally sourced mean? Are you making excuses for the crap leather he uses?Andrew McDonald's shoes look and feel second-rate. That's generous. They are horrendously over-priced. Just because you made it with your hands, doesn't mean it is any better than something made by machine.Look, I'm Australian too. As much as I'd love to support a...
Relative to mid- to high-tier English makers such as EG / JL / C&J / G&G, materials and workmanship are poor. In a subjective sense, the lasts are horrible too.
^ Let me save you some time there. They are all shithouse. Peace.
WTF are you talking about? What hefty mark up? What are normal circumstances?
I hope they have done their market research. I wear John Lobb and Edward Green, but I can't bring myself to pay Australian prices for them when they are readily available at cheaper prices elsewhere over the phone or online. Henry Bucks still charge 2,000 for Edward Green. I hope this new store's pricing is slightly more competitive.
Not sure what they use but it is very fast. My stuff always comes after 3 days.
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