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JM, who is making up your Acorn Fabric? I have about 8 shirts from the Grasmere Book made up by Ascot Chang, great stuff.
0516 is 2-Ply. It is heavier. It is more see-through too. It reportedly lasts longer (more robust), and wears better (holds shape / crease). emptym, I do get my pants half-lined in the front.
Sorry guys. My mistake. WWC made me a suit in 0503. I don't have my camera at the moment, so iPhone photographs will have to do. I think the high-twist Fresco 0500-0503 is under-rated. Mine hangs clean, and the trousers maintain their crease. The surface texture is more refined for the workplace too. I will post a picture of the suit on when I get a chance.
Wearing pants that you would wear with the coat is important. And a shirt too obviously to ensure correct sleeve length assessments.
CB. Who does your Italian stuff? Was just checking out your Tumblr. Is it NSM?
As an update to some of my earlier posts, PJ have their Orazio Luciano product for sale now. The examples they have are incredible. Mine should be here in January.
JM, that shirt looks Cotton-Linen. Is it really only Linen?
I've got a Chan in the 0513. I'll post some photographs when I get home tomorrow.
My Navy and White were from the first batch. They've changed the Navy Fabric? That's good. KW's have the best collar, but I still feel their fabric lets them down.
I have some Sunspel's. Great fabric. Flimsy collar. Again, the first 2 I bought won't be followed up by any others.
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