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House Block? In my experience, WWC won't be rushed by fly-in / fly-out visitors. They are too busy. When I went to a fitting for my last suit, they refused to take an order from my colleague when we were going to be another 6 days in Hong Kong. They simply couldn't accomodate him (given that we had requested a single-fitting).
You mean bench-grade or hand-grade?I think the C&J hand-grade shoes are same or better than Carmina in terms of make. I'd agree with you completely if you meant bench-grade.
I suspect there has been some miscommunication.I imagine they will measure you, and fit you on their fitting coat, which is a sleeveless jacket that is pinned. I suspect then that they will deliver you a finished suit. I doubt that they will cut your fabric and baste it together for you in the same day you are measured.
It is too small. Too short. Too tight in the chest and sleeves. I suppose it's OK if you are going for that look.
JJ Minnis will send you a swatch. I have had multiple sent out to me recently.
Minnis 0516 is a Navy Blue. Would be my recommendation.
Well we can call it what we want, but the product is MTM La Vera Sartoria Napoletana.
Send me a PM and I'll let you in on my secret for cheap shipping.
You can get chest canvas if you want something more traditional. My coat has a chest canvas. Orazio Luciano also have much wider access to fabrics than the Danish PJ workshop. Holland & Sherry, Lesser, JJ Minnis, Ariston, etc. I ordered something from the JJ Minnis Fresco II Book.
I have a solid stick and a "Fox-Frame". I wouldn't waste your time with the steel-shafted Umbrella. Mine didn't last long at all. The wind in Melbourne caused the shaft to bend.
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