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It is too small. Too short. Too tight in the chest and sleeves. I suppose it's OK if you are going for that look.
JJ Minnis will send you a swatch. I have had multiple sent out to me recently.
Minnis 0516 is a Navy Blue. Would be my recommendation.
Well we can call it what we want, but the product is MTM La Vera Sartoria Napoletana.
Send me a PM and I'll let you in on my secret for cheap shipping.
You can get chest canvas if you want something more traditional. My coat has a chest canvas. Orazio Luciano also have much wider access to fabrics than the Danish PJ workshop. Holland & Sherry, Lesser, JJ Minnis, Ariston, etc. I ordered something from the JJ Minnis Fresco II Book.
I have a solid stick and a "Fox-Frame". I wouldn't waste your time with the steel-shafted Umbrella. Mine didn't last long at all. The wind in Melbourne caused the shaft to bend.
JM, who is making up your Acorn Fabric? I have about 8 shirts from the Grasmere Book made up by Ascot Chang, great stuff.
0516 is 2-Ply. It is heavier. It is more see-through too. It reportedly lasts longer (more robust), and wears better (holds shape / crease). emptym, I do get my pants half-lined in the front.
Sorry guys. My mistake. WWC made me a suit in 0503. I don't have my camera at the moment, so iPhone photographs will have to do. I think the high-twist Fresco 0500-0503 is under-rated. Mine hangs clean, and the trousers maintain their crease. The surface texture is more refined for the workplace too. I will post a picture of the suit on when I get a chance.
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