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The Fresco II Book lacks any bright Blue fabrics. You either get the 520 AFB, or very Dark or Midnight Navys, such as 0516.
Looks awesome. The half-belt looks a little wide proportionately. But damn awesome. Love your work Foo.
Bigtimers gonna Bigtime.
You can get 30% off JLC from Monards or WOS. Saw it first hand last Saturday with a MC Hometime. But totally agree with you. For something common with ETA innards such as a 3714, I'd go grey market.
A-Dawg. It isn't 45mm. Much smaller than that.Prices in Australia can be competitive / comparable on mid-tier watches. 5% difference on something like a 3714 isn't worth the hassle of waiting for an opportunity overseas.
RMW Boots seem kind of average to me. Seriously. The uppers are average. The finishing is very rustic. English Makers construct a better boot. There I said it. But if your budget stretches to RMW only, then by all means, they are good Boots.
I have a suit in Crispaire too. It feels softer than the Minnis, but it doesn't have that subtle mottling that makes the Fresco so great.
New Posts  All Forums: