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Smashed it out of the park buddy. What is with the right shirt sleeve?
Great ties, what sort of price range are they in? Charvet range?
Cross-posted from the other shoe thread.
My favourite Chukka boots, after 1 year of wear (30-40 wears), and a fresh polish.
What is the deal with all the scuffs so quickly Phat?
Package arrived. Plain and simple. Aperture open way to wide for this photograph, but not much light inside, and didn't want to use the flash. So not much in focus, but hope you guys get the idea. These make my C&J Alex wholecuts seem a little average. I think I do prefer the 348 Last to the U-Last, but the Vass quality is sublime.
Quote: Originally Posted by ApplesHK Was in at Jantzen today and was told they are moving at the end of this week to new premises. One building further along towards Central (just past Giordano & Bossini) On Lok Yuen Building, 5th Floor. Hey, I was there today to. I was the dude with the shaved head, picking up a ridiculous number of shirts. What time were you there?
This is a photograph of a C&J Alex 348 Size 8.5UK next to the Vass U-Last 42.5. As you can see, the Vass is shorter and narrower than the C&J. As such, I think this pair of Vass would suit someone who is a 8UK in C&J 348. The 42.5 U-Last is actually a bit tight on me in terms of width, so I think the above sizing comparison by 'nmprisons' is fairly accurate.
8.5UK in C&J 348 and 337.
I can't edit the first post - not sure if there is something I am not seeing. Anyone able to help here?
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