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I have a pair of Italian Polish in Black Calf, and a standard pair in Black Calf. By the time I finished polishing my standard pair, the difference is minimal.
You've come full circle Phatty. I remember the good old days when you used to topy all your Prada shoes. Now you are wearing good shoes, the way they are supposed to be worn.
kolecho, do you ever see the Vass shoe trees with the brass-coloured metal hinges and "knob". I have a pair that came with my Chukka Boots, and prefer this style to the common "wooden" style - but I'm not sure if they still make these ones.
The G&G shoes I have handled - a limited selection in HK Lane Crawford - were finished better than EG. But the EG lasts are far more elegant in my opinion.
PG, usually a massive Vass fan, with couple of pairs myself (some of the same pairs that you have), but in my opinion, that style doesn't suit the U-Last at all. I think it would have looked much better of the F-Last.
Smashed it out of the park buddy. What is with the right shirt sleeve?
Great ties, what sort of price range are they in? Charvet range?
Cross-posted from the other shoe thread.
My favourite Chukka boots, after 1 year of wear (30-40 wears), and a fresh polish.
What is the deal with all the scuffs so quickly Phat?
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