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Quote: Originally Posted by ndw RTW Liverano again? I like it overall, but I feel the jacket looks long on you. Fabric has a nice texture. I've never quite liked those textured shirtings though.
Interesting comment about the cuffs Despos. Care to elaborate why? Would look odd without the cuffs I think.
Trussed like a boss.
Great pants ME. Great style and fit. That shirt you're wearing, is that a Kabbaz?
Really nice shape to the shoulders scruff. Also really nice lapels. Great colour.
You guys obviously store your stock in small portions, in the freezer. Is it harmful to thaw the stock by placing it in a saucepan under heat? Does that ruin it in any way compared to letting it thaw at room temperature slowly?
What sort of thing do you guys use White Chicken Stock for? I'd figure a Brown Stock gives way more bang for buck.
I love how a real-world photograph of a AK shirt can completely re-derail, an already well derailed thread. Almost makes me feel bad by starting it all be asking Manton who made it (with my suspicion of AK in mind).
@#$% guys, it's a shirt probably made from some fine 140s poplin. It's not going to drape like a heavy flannel jacket. A photograph of a real-world shirt worn in a certain posture isn't going to look like a shot straight out of GQ.
mafoofan, that photograph of you in the Ambrosi's looks fantastic, worth every dollar spent I think.
New Posts  All Forums: