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Sweet pants. Nice shirt too. Is that a Geneva?
And that BS that NYR is trying to sell about SF ruining SA's reliabilty and level of service is rubbish. I couldn't agree more with what iammatt has said. Certainly in the business I am in, I refrain from taking on more work than I can handle, so why wouldn't we expect the same of our tailors.
Clearly when Foo stated that "nobody" puts more handwork into pants, he was referring to makers that he is aware of. We all know that. NYR coming in and randomly slaying him for that comment came across to me as insecure and unnecessary. Obviously there was some sarcasm in my description of this exchange as "passive-aggressive".
I enjoy the passive-aggressive exchanges between Foo and NYR. That is all.
I think they are excellent value actually. They are priced below the competitors (Charvet, etc.), and give up nothing to them in terms of quality. The real reason that I have a Drakes-only collection though, is that the length just works for me. I find that other makers produce ties that are too long for my 5"11 height. I can imagine the taller guys here though, would not be pleased with the standard Drakes length.
SG, PRL looks great on you. Or is that Purple Label? I like the shape of the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 gdl203, is that a Chan or a NSM? I really like that coat.
Let me just say that Parker is one of the most consistently well turned out guys here. In my humble opinion that is. Keep up the good work Parker.
Phat, never thought I'd say this, because I usually think unbuttoned BD-collars (and coat / shirt cuffs) look very affected, but I really do prefer your standard-issue unbuttoned BD-collar to the P Johnson collar you are wearing there. Something's not quite right about it. Perhaps not a tall enough collar-band?
Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS So I guess that leaves us with the shoes and, to be frank, I've seen far worse/more experimental in this thread. Just because you've seen it in this thread, doesn't make it CBD. I think the last and style of the shoes lacks elegance. What is wrong with wearing something like a JL Phillip II, or the G&G Oxford (GG06)? Granted, we can't all wear $1500 or $1000 shoes, but there are similarly styled shoes...
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