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Shots fired.Can we get back to the regular Australian Members Newsfeed please?I want to speculate more about how much a suit from P Johnson costs, or if I can get some free Polish with my shoes from Double Monk, or whether a flapped pocket on the Caruso I just bought from the Salvation Army can be converted to a barchetta patch flap jetted pocket that Phat Guido wears, or bettter yet, my favourite topic of all, who does the best alterations in Sydney to the highest...
I ordered from G&R, and get G&R to deliver direct to Ascot Chang. Ascot Chang have no issues with that arrangement.
It was the fabrics. Riva Cotton Twill and Poplin. AY, what about G&R? I just had Ascot Chang CMT some Cotton-Linen from them for me. Great stuff and much cheaper than Riva and DJA.
Foo, are you wearing a coat under there? If not, might be a bit too snug, no?
You're a douchebag. Shut up already.
Who does the Fittings in the London Store? Do Luca and Mariano visit there? Or is there another fitter?
The Fresco II Book lacks any bright Blue fabrics. You either get the 520 AFB, or very Dark or Midnight Navys, such as 0516.
Looks awesome. The half-belt looks a little wide proportionately. But damn awesome. Love your work Foo.
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