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5K USD + NYC Tax is priced at the upper end of the spectrum. I suspect that his product will be hard to sell.
Dust on the lens on my iPhone. Grrr....
This is Fresco II 0516 made up into a Blazer. My iPhone is making the fabric look lighter than it really is. It is a Dark Navy.I wouldn't get a Blazer-Suit out of the 8/9oz "High-Twist" stuff. It doesn't have as much texture as the 2-Ply Stuff, and won't look great as a Blazer.
Was tempted to get Brushed Gold Buttons on this jacket, but was advised against it. Settled on light horn instead, and I like the way it turned out with the Minnis Fresco 0516.
I had my Persol frames fitted with top of the line Nikon lenses for $18.90.
Lenses are hugely marked up in Australia.My friend's girlfriend is an Optometrist. She works for Optical Superstore.She mentioned that the Nikon lenses they sell for 180 Dollars, are bought for less than 20 Dollars.
Orazio Luciano or "PJ Napoli" is twice the price of the Hand-Finished PJ Product and WWC. It is a whole different kettle of fish though. It makes my "soft" WWC gear feel like armour.
GY are now more expensive than WWC. WWC charged me 1500 for a 2PC from the JJ Minnis Fresco II Book. GY quoted 1800 last time I saw him. He made some CMT Trousers for me at 300 / Pair. His trousers start at 600 for Basic English Cloth. WWC have superior finishing in my opinion. But GY will do CMT.
I have a Tefal Steam Generator. RRP was 450, but I bought it during a 25% Promotion.It is brilliant. I do my own ironing (:smalltimer:), and I won't be going back to a shitty iron. Cuts ironing time in half.I have some shirts from the Grande & Rubinelli Luna Book, 170s. They iron up a treat with the Tefal, and were always a bitch to iron with my old iron.
I think you're all being a bit rough on apropos. My post may have seemed like a dig at him, but actually I was just paying him out, because we used to be University and Work colleagues. I agree with everything he says. We have a habit in this Thread of acting elitist, when at the heart of it all, we are a bunch of super enthusiastic small-timers. fxh's post above is an example, where he warns about steaming your clothes for undoing your Tailor's masterful hardwork. ...
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