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I just took delivery of a pair of Chelsea 82's in Dark Oak Antique. They were very light in colour. I was shocked. I have been darkening them furiously after each wear with black Saphir shoe cream.
CEP, new suit looks great.
I picked up this Delvaux Newspaper Bag in February. It was the last one left at the Madison Avenue Barneys Store. I've been using it everyday now. It's great. Deserves more than an iPhone photograph, but it's the best I can do right now.
I didn't think you were eligible for the Youth Allowance if you were pursuing a second degree? Or maybe I don't know what I am talking about. apropos - why do you not answer the phone mate?
How about a decent one for a change of pace?
Hard to tell when it isn't buttoned. I don't really like the NSM quarters. They look a little closed to me. Obviously that is just a styling preference.
You're a dickhead.
Why do you call him Robert? Or Rob? Do you know him in person? Or only from whatever you've found E-stalking him? What's wrong with calling him Romp?
I love this fabric. I have it in white also.It is not expensive. It runs about 45USD / shirt, when the fabric is bought directly from the Acorn website.
When I was in the Kowloon Store last August, he was definitely marking out and cutting cloth on those big tables they have.
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