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You are happy to be pedantic about the differences between a cap-toe and plain-toe oxford, but get all excited about glued MTO shoes for $150AU, to the point where you suggest sourcing high-end uppers from overseas.
Actually, he suggested that this style is difficult to find amongst English catalogues.John Lobb, Edward Green and Crockett & Jones all offer shoes in that style.
I wasn't sure if you were serious, because they look like what they are - mass-made glued shoes, sold at any variety of pseudo-luxury clothing retailers in Australia (Calibre, Paul Smith, Saba, etc.). Comparing them to English or otherwise bench-made shoes is laughable.
Not sure if serious.
emptym, great post. What fabrics are these? CMT or Ambrosi supplied?
Those button-holes are incredible. Great suit.
There are some significant problems with that jacket. The front doesn't look right at all, and I think that camera angle isn't to blame. I think Vox's comments sum it up. I would take this back to them and see what they think.
They sold very quickly. I didn't have trouble selling them at all.I was offended, because I had already listed them well below their value, only to have a few Australian Members attempt to low-ball me even further.
Don't remember the last time PG posted here.
I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that.I just take offense to Members here thinking that just because someone buys something in person in a bricks and mortar store in Australia, that they are attempting to show off in some perverted way. I think a more likely explanation is that the thought of saving $100-$300 isn't important enough for them to go to the effort of finding a better price online.
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