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That is outstanding. Fantastic.Is that Solito? I love the draped chest.
Patrick did an excellent job there. Fantastic.
emptym - WWC do a great job with your trousers. I find darker trousers always look markedly trimmer. Which Minnis Fresco are the darker pair? 2 ply or 3 ply?
That chambray is sweet. Which Thomas Mason book is that from?
I don't consider myself some superior being with superior taste, but if someone who has experience with EG / Vass / C&J decides that they want to try some poorly made shoes for a laugh, then so be it. If the pseudo-small-batch-artisan-made-for-me vibe gets you excited, then go ahead. I'd rather spend the money on a resole for a proper pair of shoes. And if you want to populate your wardrobe with fused-suiting, with 3rd world fabric, then so be it. Having said that, if...
^ I currently use WW Chan and P Johnson, but I figure I might try out Zara's new MTM Service, just for something different.
To me, watching a few of you guys jump onto the band-wagon of some "bargain" product just signifies what is wrong with our mentality here in the Australian Members Thread. Save that $150 for your first pair of excellent bench-made English shoes. Don't waste your time looking for any intermediate products. The AU is killing it at the moment. Especially against the Euro. Buy a pair of Carmina shoes. Or buy a pair of C&J. Invest in something worthwhile, rather than a...
You are happy to be pedantic about the differences between a cap-toe and plain-toe oxford, but get all excited about glued MTO shoes for $150AU, to the point where you suggest sourcing high-end uppers from overseas.
Actually, he suggested that this style is difficult to find amongst English catalogues.John Lobb, Edward Green and Crockett & Jones all offer shoes in that style.
I wasn't sure if you were serious, because they look like what they are - mass-made glued shoes, sold at any variety of pseudo-luxury clothing retailers in Australia (Calibre, Paul Smith, Saba, etc.). Comparing them to English or otherwise bench-made shoes is laughable.
New Posts  All Forums: