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My understanding is that PJ have employed an already existing MTM system. They (or he) did not develop it. Having said that, the degree of fit-customisation is vast in my experience. Options such as raising arm-holes, and tapering sleeves, are not available in MTM systems offered by EZ Su Misura for example. If you talk to an expert such as jefferyd, he will explain that MTM systems are complex, and developing a proprietary system is no easy task. I would be highly...
I don't know for sure, only what I'm told. KW claims his suits are made in China. PJ claims his suits are made in The Netherlands. So logic would suggest they are different factories.If you want to speculate that there is some dishonesty about the country of origin of either company, go ahead. You are well-known for your negative attitude towards P Johnson, so we expect such behaviour from you.
The workshop which makes the PJ Product definitely make for other MTM-Operations. But the KW stuff is made in China, so definitely not the same workshop. Here is an example -
CEP, I think your PJ coats are a little short, and a little tight in general. Their coats for me are a little tight too. Mine are certainly longer than their usual offerings, following my insistence, but they are tighter than I like.
Manton, is that 0511 from the Fresco II Book?
My pants by WWC have some of the neatest stitching and attention to detail.They are certainly the best machine-made pants I have ever seen.
PM'd you.
Got some Team Players up in 'ere.
PB, what shoes are they?
One reason to go Notch, is that the P Johnson Wide Peak Lapel has a very low gorge, and is very aggressive looking. Their standard Peak Lapel is otherwise too narrow.
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