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I don't know about pricing yet. But I imagine a 2-Piece in Basic Cloth would very easily be over 3,000AU based upon what other Agents (ie. The Armoury) charge for that product. Provided the pricing schedule is not ridiculous (> than what The Armoury charge), I'm all set to order something.
I assume they can make their more standard offerings also. I'd prefer a work-horse coat with a chest canvas, and quarter-lined.
What are people using for Summer odd-trousers? About to put in a large order with Chan, and can't decide on the JJ Minnis High-Twist Fresco versus the 2-ply Fresco. I've found that the High-Twist Fresco holds a good crease, and hangs OK, without too much bagging. Anyone care to comment on whether the 2-ply is that much more durable or easier to tailor?
Anyone interested in the "P Johnson Napoli" stuff appearing on their Tumblr? Manufactured by Orazio Luciano I'm told. Orders can be made potentially next month. I'm going to the South Melbourne Showroom to investigate tomorrow, and plan an order for when they start taking them. It's a great product from what I've seen at The Armoury.
They are great. Well done on them.Seriously consider darker grey grained calf. A very versatile colour.
New AndyTom loafers. Arrived today. Excellent quality. As good as Tod's probably, but hard to tell as my Tod's are all years old and beaten to hell. Excellent value regardless in my opinion. I would like to see some grained calf leathers in the future.
I'd be interested if they were Grey Suede or Grey Grained Leather. A very versatile colour in my opinion for Drivers.
That is just misinformation. You clearly have no experience with such loafers. What a silly thing to say.I'm not knocking the shoes (I just ordered a pair), but I have had multiple pairs of Tod's, and in my experience, the soles are not very robust at all.
I'd disagree. I have 2 pairs of Tod's, and I have worn them both down to the rubber piece underlying the nubs remarkably quick.At the prices of your shoes however, I'd be happy to buy them, even with the expectation that the sole won't last a long time.
I personally really dig what he does for you.Any chance you could take some photographs of the handwork in your coats?The fineness of the stitching I've seen in other photographs has been slightly underwhelming.
New Posts  All Forums: