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Your quoted figures are way, way off.192,000 QFF Points for a 1-Way MEL-LHR First Class Seat.Also, Awards Seats are limited and must be booked at least 9-12 months in advance in my experience. So they are far from easy to use.And remember, 1 AMEX MR Point = 0.5 QFF Point.The most generous earn rate is the 3QFF / 1AUD spent at Restaurants on the AMEX Qantas Ultimate.So next time you spend 65,000AUD at McDonalds, ring in those hard earned points.
OK, great, thanks for that. Thanks for creating this thread, it has been a wealth of information for us all.
I am meeting Chiara. I intend to have my first fitting in Naples when I return to Europe in September. I hope then that I can see Mariano and the cutter. I quite like the Porter & Harding Glorious Twelfth Book. I wonder what they will have available.
So I've made an appointment at Rubinacci in London, on December 11. I intend to start off with a Suit, or a Sportscoat. Will return to Naples in September for my first fitting. Thinking either a Navy Blue Wool / Linen Blazer, or a Wool Gunclub Check. For current Customers, any advice on anything I need to think about before I go in 2 weeks time? My only experience thus far is with WW Chan, or MTM Orazio Luciano.
Dat Drape!
I am clearly a Troll here. While we're at it, you guys should go and troll the Hipsters in the Handmade Buttonhole Thread.
You guys should quit now at life if you don't understand why the same people who participate in a Clothing Forum may have an interest in mechanical watches.
You are an idiot.
Pretty stupid thing to say in a Menswear Forum.This Thread rocks.
Were you in the Ring Jacket bomber?I ordered 2 MTO RTW pairs. Excellent value given they were not taking a surcharge for the Trunkshow.
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