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Are you guys using NSM fabrics for shirts? Or bringing your own?
I did order a coat and two pairs of trousers at a NMWA Formosa event in January. Unfortunately I am down in Australia, and was just travelling through NYC at the time. In my opinion, the prices are very reasonable. Much, much, much cheaper than my recent order from Rubinacci. I will be sure to post about the outcome when I come back from Naples in September.
Nice shoes Foo. Well done.
These are new and unworn. These are not seconds, they are from a MTO Purchase, I've decided to let them go as I prefer Loafers in Suede. They will come with Trees (Full Semi-Lasted Trees), Dust-Bags, Box. Note, George Cleverley RTW shoes normally do not come with this type of shoe-tree. Price is $650AU + Shipping.
Is the Jacket Solito too? Very nice.
I don't know if the Rubinacci prices in London are different to Naples, but I paid 3300GBP for a Solbiati Linen Blazer, and was quoted a starting price of 3100GBP for a jacket prior to my first appointment. I was quoted 3900GBP for a 2-piece suit prior to my appointment also. Assuming therefore that Rubinacci trousers are around 800GBP, that makes them slightly more expensive than Ambrosi.
I'm on holidays here from Australia. Seeing Formosa on Wednesday at gdl203's Trunkshow.You were the first well dressed dude I've seen here, and when I suspected it was you, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the EGs on your feet.
aportnoy, was that you just now in the Saks Kiton section?
Anyone planning to attend the Formosa Trunk Show? I am in the process of sorting out an appointment time.
Whether something is Bespoke or MTM is irrelevant in many circumstances. Well designed MTM programmes can accommodate very well for body-shapes that do not differ markedly from standard proportions. If you are a atypical body-type, then I can appreciate that a bespoke tailor may be what you need. But good and well-priced bespoke tailors who produce a product in the style I want do not exist in Australia. I think the main argument here should be whether or not Germanico...
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