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Would prefer not to deal with exchanges (for obvious reasons). Has anyone not had to size up from the old Italian cut to the new one? The old one fit me perfectly.
Recently I shipped a return back to Howardyount (per Jamison's instructions). However, 2 weeks later it came back 'return to send.' Per the post office, the reason for the return was the package was unclaimed. Reached out to Jamison 2x via email to see if he could weigh in on what might have been the issue prior to paying to ship it back again but I haven't heard back. Wondering if anyone had a similar issue with sending him packages? (it is frustrating because he has...
+1 for NYC.
Seems that the polo heavy weight fabric is great. Can anyone comment on how the medium and heavy weights compare?
I have pulls in 2 of my grenadine ties. 1 is a relatively complex one in a Hober and the other a more simple one which I may try to repair myself with a needle. I would prefer to find a tailor who does this. I called tie crafters and they told me they don't repair pulls. Has anyone found a tailor in NY who has done this type of tie repair for them? Thanks.
I am currently waiting on my first suit from MG. The price was a a little bit north of $1500 with tax. (Cash/check only) This was before I became familiar with this forums so I went with his recommended fabric--I am not sure how this compares to the LP fabric being offered in the deal.
+1 Frankies Devi indian - on the more expensive front but unique Pizza/Ital Otto - Batali's casual joint - a bit touristy but worth going once For less formal and cheaper eats you might want to check out some of the food trucks. (you can eat outside) http://www.nycfoodtrucks.org/ Co.
Have you thought about cold washing and hang drying. Although not as tall, I buy a lot of smalls and extra-smalls for the fit but am tallish and although tedious, this tend to work pretty well.
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