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+1 for NYC.
Seems that the polo heavy weight fabric is great. Can anyone comment on how the medium and heavy weights compare?
I have pulls in 2 of my grenadine ties. 1 is a relatively complex one in a Hober and the other a more simple one which I may try to repair myself with a needle. I would prefer to find a tailor who does this. I called tie crafters and they told me they don't repair pulls. Has anyone found a tailor in NY who has done this type of tie repair for them? Thanks.
I am currently waiting on my first suit from MG. The price was a a little bit north of $1500 with tax. (Cash/check only) This was before I became familiar with this forums so I went with his recommended fabric--I am not sure how this compares to the LP fabric being offered in the deal.
+1 Frankies Devi indian - on the more expensive front but unique Pizza/Ital Otto - Batali's casual joint - a bit touristy but worth going once For less formal and cheaper eats you might want to check out some of the food trucks. (you can eat outside) http://www.nycfoodtrucks.org/ Co.
Have you thought about cold washing and hang drying. Although not as tall, I buy a lot of smalls and extra-smalls for the fit but am tallish and although tedious, this tend to work pretty well.
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