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Quote: l've saved photo to my hard drive. She is someone l believe that knows more about health than virtually anyone alive. She is the super god of health. No-one can touch her. Her diet is flawless. Balanced in every meaning of the word. lt's a pity she had to die. lf l had a choice in who l would MOST like to meet, it would be Ann Wigmore. l would like to meet her even more than Mr Pollock. P.S: notice [in the picture] that she has Sunflower...
The Luigi Borrelli shoes retail for $2,000??? What alot of garbage. They Napoli shoes retail in Australia for only $980.
The people l would most like to meet are: Jerrysfriend (Mr Pollock) Alex Kabbaz Horace (he would be a blast) Jcusey (even though he doesn't like me) Bengal Stripe T4phage (my mate) RJman. Carlo (sartorial solutions) Dr David Bresch.
O.k... l'll confess....l'm not really interested in doodles. l just thought l would start a memorable topic that would be remembered for years to come. (l was attempting to start "topic of the year"). l think the topic is quite funny in a certain kind of way. Shock value is great. Regards: Mr Stern.
What is the most scarey situation you have ever been put in? Was it an accident? Was it breaking down [without a phone] in the middle of no-where? Tell us about your most frightening situation. My most frightening situation was a Christmas time at summer time. l was on holiday at the beach. l was swimming in the ocean when l saw a big shark that was about 12 feet long [at least]. l was in water about shoulder deep when this huge shark brushed by me. lt definately saw me....
Stop being silly Horace. No l haven't studied scientology but l have always been curious about it. l will eventually look into the subject. Note: l am not a religious person, religion has been tristed so much that it no longer runs true. The only religion l believe in is the religion of love. P.S: gentlemen, with the end of financial year coming up, l'm am about to become extremely busy. l will post when l can. Rest assured, l will reply to all the issues brought up by...
There's no "My lmages" at the top of the page. HELP.
Alot of people on this board must be small and suffer from inferiority complexes.
T4phage: l will address or your blood and chloropyll queries later tonight. l am going to bring up afew facts that dispute your theories that chlorophyll as useless to the human body. l am starting to get highly charged. l'm going to come out with all guns blazing. l have never been beaten in a health argument and l'm not about to start now. l remember making absolute mince meat out of a friend who has a PhD in nutrition. Honestly l wondered why she even bothered doing...
l will try to address various members' issues [probably] tommorrow. Esp T4phage's issues.
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