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Most people l have given chlorella (green algae) to have not had a cold in years [even if they had cold regularly previously]. l used to get colds around 3 times a year. Since taking chlorella and having raw grasses, sprouts and weeds, l haven't been sick for many years.......l wonder how many colds T4phage gets????? l bet he has his fair share. Regards: Ann Wigmores understudy.
T4phage needs to drink a dailey wheatgrass juice to add some nutrition to his severley lacking diet. He has been acting alittle funny today, these are the first signs. Poor nutrition = disease.
lt was a long time ago. l got a laboritory to take out the tests. l wanted proof that sprouted juices were more nutritous than vegie juices. l also tested afew seeds.
T4phage: you are going alittle over board, to the point of being silly. Listen; it is not that hard to test for various vitamin and minerals in foods. l have had it done myself.
Quote: Shooman, do you grow your own wheatgrass?  I hear it's difficult -- that most do the hydroponic (sp?) route. On a more serious note, a quick google of wigmore (ah the phrase sends shivers down me spine) indicates that there are quite a few retreats/restorative clinics that follow the Wigmorean Way.  I thought perhaps it would be nice if we could all get together for a meeting at one of these places. Of course l grow my own wheat grass. l...
Quote: Quote: (Giona Granata @ June 21 2005,07:37) Yes. Marc are you doing also this therapy Therapy the article also fails to mention all the protein as well. and that its good for the drinker's skin. l will present arguements for why we shouldn't be having sex (well, no more than once a month anyway. And only if you are on a diet high in raw grasses and sprouts) in a few weeks. Maybe giving your partner oral and hand sex...
Quote: I just had a wheat-grass today.  I was told that the proper method of injesting was to gargle it like mouthwash.  Tasted slightly better though.  It wasn't gr8 m8, but I'm thinking once daily will cut down on the cigarettes, which Wigmore allowed in small quantities. Horace Rubber Sole Man, Followers of Wigmore. Drinking freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice [in the morning and before dinner if you can]will definately make it easier to cut...
Quote:  If you drank too much salt water marc, do you know what will happen? Salt water drinking has lead to insanity amounst sailors. Poor old lads. There are many possible reasons, but l will not talk about it here. As it is, this topic was about doodles. Sorry about getting off topic. l just thought l would provide this world changing information. Now, getting back to the subject. Do we have any takers?????anyone????? avator should give you a clue......eventhough it's a year old. Regards: marc37 (Ann Wigmores understudy. She is great mate.).
When l was travelling at night at 85 km's per hour on a main road. A car turned right in front of me at an intersection. l had to swurve extremely hard (l honestly don't know how l avoided colliding with that car, stupid dope). l them had to swurve back to avoid hitting a poll. Honestly, my gardian angle helped me out that day. l was shaken for some time after. My car would have been a right-off had l collided. l just missed my half an inch both ways.
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