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later in the week. abit busy at the moment. Unfortunately, my studies aren't filed correctly. l am having difficulty finding the material that l am looking for. Stay tuned after the next few days. l won't dissapoint you. Regards my fellow public: the shooman.(Ann Wigmores apprentice). T4phage: your issues will be addressed before too long too.
The Gr8-man B8-man (great man bateman). Master Bateman. Master Bates. Baters.
Quote: Dear boy, you are 16 years old. This is the second time you lie, tell the truth for once. Get a life loser.
Quote: Marc, how old were you when you crashed the car? l can't remember but l think it was when l only had my licence a short time. l was about 18. (You can't get you licence over here until your 18).
Another scarey situation was when l crashed a mates sports car at 180Km per hour on a bend. We rolled many times. All the tyres burst and the car was a right-off. We had been drinking extremely heavily that night. When we got home we had a violent fight. We absolutely punched the shit out of eat other. l got broken teeth, and my face was swelled up black and blue. l still carry scares to this day. After the fight we chased each other and threw big stones at each other. (l...
Quote:  I've had lightning strike so close to me that the concussion really shook me up.     Don't be scared of lightening. My older coison used to fail all his exams in high school. One day he was struck by lightening in the head and he was a changed man for the better. After being in a comma for the 9 following months he went back to school to repeat year 12. He went from bottom of the class to dux of the class. He then went on to law [which he...
Quote: Thracozaag Yeah, ld like to meet him too. He sounds like a good all round bloke. l like his style on the net, a man of few words yet he says alot.
Quote: THE SHOOMAN NUTRITION PYRAMID l like the pyramid. lt has a picture of a fellow pissing and a picture of some green plantlife: all things that improve health. lf l was to rank foods l would do the following: 1. Freshly grown algea (not possible to get unless you pay about 10 million to grow the algae naturally. 2. Home grown and fertilized wheatgrass juice and other grasses. 3. Alfalfa 4. Sunflower greens (by sprouting sunflower seeds...
Quote: "Detoxification" with Pills and Fasting The article doesn't do much to dispute my diet. A very weak article. Obviously his silly opinion. l will address this more in my next major important topics: bowel management and explaining chlorophyll. Firstly, l will clear afew misunderstandings up by T4phage. Be patient, there is better stuff to come.
l read all the skeptics articles you provide with great interest, [afterall l am a truth seeker]. ln fact l read them afew times each time. QUESTION .............. lf the human body doesn't require digestive enzymes then why does nature provide them in raw foods? l bet you wont be able to answer the question. A common view is that: nature provides these digestive enzymes because we need them. These digestive plant enzymes are not destroyed by acids in the body because...
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