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How much would you sell them to me for? Please MSG me.
Get a load of this dog. What a beauty. l wish l had one like it.
Quote: Just took advantage of my usually accursed small feet: 3 pair of newly listed Grenson Masterpiece for $125.00 each. In 7.5 D, they are c) brown cap-toe lace-up, f) brown side-tying number, j) black chelsea. lt's funny you know Andrew, l know those shoes didn't fit you because l bougt them off Chris a short time after. l am so glad they didn't fit you. That black chelsea boot fits me very well and is the best quality leather of all the...
Don't worry Horace; l will address all those issues very soon. Don't worry, it is coming. l will explain why T4phage is wrong [with all his skeptics articles]; l will also explain more about chlorophyll and correct bowel management. The amazing chlorella report will be coming shortly as well.
Quote: Quote: (Horace @ June 27 2005,14:45) Quote: Originally Posted by marc37,June 27 2005,05:08 Another scarey situation was when l crashed a mates sports car at 180Km per hour on a bend. We rolled many times. All the tyres burst and the car was a right-off. We had been drinking extremely heavily that night. When we got home we had a violent fight. We absolutely punched the shit out of eat other. l got broken teeth, and my face...
They are very nice shoes old son. l love the toe shape and the medallion on the toe. You have good taste. Nice indeed.
lf they were half a size bigger l would have bought the cap-toes.
Quote: Are you getting a life instead? A loser in bespoke shoes.
Quote: This entire thread is a complete and utter absurdity. No it's not. This thread discusses health foods does it not? People should be greatful that l am imparting such wonderful health food knowledge. This is powerful stuff folks. The diet l created is flawless. You all have alot to learn about food and it's affects. Alot of what l say is based on common sense.
The shoes are just absolutely wonderful. Maybe l might buy the magazines individually afterall. lf they are 100 pages, that's not too bad. l thought the magazines might have only been 10 pages or something. You are a fine fellow Mr Naturlaut. Well done son.
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