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Now that I think about it, this discussion really belongs in the Gennaro Paone thread.
I don't think agricultural workers are a problem in California. I think it's agriculture in general. The point made above that California agriculture is effectively subsidized is correct. But the beneficiaries of that subsidy aren't so much the employers or the workers, it's consumers. By restricting urban water use while leaving agriculture untouched, Brown is throwing that subsidy into sharp relief. I just don't see why everyone in California should kill their lawns...
Not to mention that half the dishes on American Chinese restaurant menus were invented in the U.S. and don't exist in China at all.
This. Plus, a lot of these jobs require migrant labor. They're subsistence-level, if that. So they're not a great loss, especially if the people who had them relocate somewhere.And how much economic disruption is cutting urban water usage by 25% going to cause? There are already lot of reasons for companies not move to -- or even to move out of -- California. To put this in perspective, Google alone had 66 billion USD in revenue last year. That's 50% more than the entire...
One of the most notable things about Brown's recent order is that it placed no restrictions on agriculture which accounts for 80% of water usage in California. So if everyone else cuts back 25% as per the plan, California will still be using 95% of the water it would normally use.I'm starting to think that agriculture to California might be what coal mining was to the UK: dirty, dangerous jobs that the economy could do without. If agriculture in California's Central Valley...
Things that Americans like are not necessarily things that are popular in a cuisine's home country. Consequently, a lot of ethnic recipes get adapted for local tastes and, so, aren't considered particularly great by people who grew up in that country eating that cuisine. In New Zealand, Mexican restaurants serve lamb tacos with mint sauce. We've all been subjected to, ahh, whimsical adaptations of well-known dishes while traveling.So, as Gomestar notes, an ethnic...
Always a problem with ethnic food. Go to a Chinese Chinese restaurant (as opposed to an Americanized one) and you take your life in your hands.
The tenderloin? Union Square is bad enough. The last time I was there, I was accosted twice by . . . well, I don't know what they were exactly. One of them, I guess, was a homeless person who was floridly schizophrenic and shouting. The other was wearing a speedo and cowboy boots.
Yes, probably not the photos. Have you tried changing your tie/pocket square combo?
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