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They started in Japan but they are very popular in China and Taiwan, too, and have been for a long time. They are even starting to catch on in other parts of Asia.
Hilarious. Classic Foo. You reject all these views because you do not agree with them. Hence, in Foo-world, they are stupid.But people's reactions do not have to be "convincing." You post all these pictures and ask, "Do you like my living room?" Dopey says, "The two patterns you have are too close together both in size and space. They bother me." You say, "No, you can't use pattern-matching rules here. Ergo, it's fine." I point out that with your current setup,...
FTFYYou've already been provided with several nuanced views. I think your room is either too white or not white enough. Dopey thinks the only two patterns in the room clash. Lefty has commented on the proportions. Manton suggested you get a fake Rothko.And really, whether you like it or not, everyone's eyes are going to be drawn immediately to the one point of color you have allowed into the room. Maybe that's the effect you were going for -- it is quite a nice money...
I'll buy that. It does create new social horrors, though. Organizing a dinner party is hard enough without have to vet your guest list to make sure no one clashes with your decor.But the real problem is that when you are the only person in the room, the room looks just like it does in the picture. In Foo's case, he will be driven slowly mad as he stares fixedly at the clashing patterns and the chips in his table.
Sorry. It doesn't really mean anything. I thought we were trading yoda-like aphorisms.
Au contraire, mon ami. Rooms are the canvas on which we paint the colors of our life.Foo must be true to his inner sense of pattern-matching if he wishes to have any hope of living honestly.
I am reluctantly coming to agree with this. If the room had a little more visual interest, I don't think it would really be a problem. But the room is so visually bland. There are only two non-white elements and they are sitting on top of each other demanding that you compare them.
All kidding aside, the Gravity's Rainbow one is really quite good, a genuine work of art in itself.
So you endorse Foo's money cat too, then.I know what you are getting at but the way you put it is pretty funny, given the context of this thread.Definition of UNCHARITABLE: lacking in charity : severe in judging : harsh
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