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Word. I cannot tell you how much my aesthetic life has been enhanced by this. I can enjoy all these beautiful and amazing things with an almost Buddhist detachment. I have no desire at all to own them -- the thought does not even cross my mind -- so I can appreciate them simply as a thing of beauty, like a sunset.If I were a billionaire, I would probably hate art. It would all become too stressful.
Glad to see the Rainbow Room is open again. I thought it was gone forever. What were people wearing? Is there still a dress code?
Not true. Wedding ties, by definition, have a limited palette, black, white, silver, grey and, occasionally, dark blue. POW, sheppards check and houndstooth are classics, but there are lots of acceptable patterns. Sam Hober has several, for example.http://www.samhober.com/formal-wedding-silk-ties/Personally, I prefer a small houndstooth as I think it's visually interesting but not intrusive which makes it fine for things other than...
Wow. Your mom has a pretty serious jewelry collection!Is it my imagination or is the top not level in that photo?
Hilarious. Well played.
It's a very nice chair but that seems a little extreme.
This is exactly why I look for pre-war works. I think the sweet spot is slightly earlier than that say, 1890-1920. Before that date and they start to get expensive. After 1920 or so, and especially post-war, the quality goes way down and you start to get industrial production methods, less-skilled workmanship, poor quality materials and more garish designs.But in that sweet spot you can find some beautiful work. At the end of the nineteenth century, the traditional...
I suppose it is common, in a sense. This particular motif is something that virtually every Japanese household would have owned. Most houses would have several different scrolls and would rotate them depending on the seasons, etc. Only one would be hung at a time and it would hung in a particular place, the tokonoma, which was a sort of centrally-located alcove in the main room of the house. The one you are looking at is a stylized theme that would be hung for birthdays,...
New Posts  All Forums: