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Is that what's going on? I have had a similar problem which seems to be caused by SF. It doesn't happen always so I assume it is something in one of the ads that is loading. I'm assuming that's where the ransomware attack of a couple of days ago came from too.
You know, that's a good idea. How come SF doesn't have an official "How To Dress" game?I'm picturing a version of those "Worst Case Scenario" card games. Or, more ambitiously, "Cards Against Humanity."And then there's the SW&D expansion pack.
What difference does it make if it's comfy? What brand is it?
Yeah. I thought it was going to mostly miss NY. I hope everybody on this thread has the luxury of lounging at home all weekend. This is a day to spend drinking skinny decaf lattes while huddled around the sous vide.
Speaking for myself, I want to be younger and get into more trouble.I have to disagree. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with burgundy, but it isn't as versatile as dark brown, especially if you travel.
The most versatile shoe style, bar none, is the chukka boot. Nothing else will work with everything from a suit to jeans. For a second shoe, you need dark brown. Stay away from things like "chestnut". They are great if you have lots of money to spend and know what you are doing. But they are too finicky and don't belong in a basic wardrobe. In this example, the pebble grain takes it down a notch in formality, as does the storm welt. Having said that, depending on the...
My antivirus software just blocked an attack by something called "Angler Exploit Kit Website 6" that came from SF. Apparently, this is something hackers insert in the code of a legitimate website that often puts ransomware on your computer. https://blogs.sophos.com/2015/07/21/a-closer-look-at-the-angler-exploit-kit/
I'm curious. Did you consider putting a gentle curve on the top of the feet as seen in that antique Shaker table that came up about a hundred pages back? BTW, I have to say that I really like how you seriously over-engineer this stuff. You could pogo on that coffee table. My first coffee table was more-or-less made of cardboard and I can report that, unlike yours, it was not designed to withstand dancing.
New Posts  All Forums: