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Service dogs/animals are protected under the ADA. "Emotional support animals" are not "Service Animals" and may be excluded by business owners. An animal only qualifies as a Service Animal if it is required by its owner because of a disability and if it performs a specific task for that owner. Business owners are not allowed to ask for documentation. They are, however, allowed to ask if the owner has a disability and what specific task the service animal performs to assist...
I think there's a pill for that now. You should definitely look into it if you're going to keep following this thread.
There's function and then there's function."Ten thousand people a day will pass through this space and engage in various activities. How do we optimize traffic flow, accessibility, aesthetics and comfort?" is not the same as "How do we turn this room into a nice place where Bounder can watch TV?"
+1Having a licensed architect choose your furniture is kind of like insisting that your doctor take your blood pressure. Sure, they can do it, but that's not really what they spent all those years in medical school for.In a perfect world, architects think about furniture in terms of function. So they get very excited about determining what furniture to put in large public spaces and somewhat less excited about leafing through the Cappellini catalog to find some nice chairs...
No starship should be without one.
LOL.I put something in my basket about six months ago and it is still stalking me.
How very retro.Not the daybed, the CD player.
A friend of mine decided, as an experiment/extended joke, that, rather than post pictures of her baby, she would post random pictures of babies taken from the internet.No one noticed.
How old is the kid? If 3, this is both impressive and commendable. If 13 . . .
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