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Where are you putting this?
+1I'm sure a lot of people are thinking the same thing. I know I am.
Pfft. "20-year-old?" "Every week or two"? Small timer. Why, a thousand bottles won't even give you enough space to store your Bordeaux futures.Anyway, I think Piobaire is working in the food/wine industry so he might get a lot of it for free and need someplace to stash the swag.
You're right. It's not that big of a deal. Some SFers have that many shoes.
Wow. I didn't realize what a project that was going to be. For 30K, you can almost start thinking about adding a purpose-built room.
Federal government wants billboards out of Times Square. Supposedly, Times Square is part of the interstate highway system. But isn't it pedestrian-only now?
This. The curved foot in the Shaker version really elevates it to something special. The metal versions are interesting interpretations but kind of miss the point somehow.I like the Nakashima version -- quelle surprise -- but I think the 200-year old version is even better.SG, can you make me an exact copy of the shaker table? I promise to give you full artistic license. You can use any brand of sandpaper you want.
The party starts/party ends thing really impresses me about NY. Work until 9:00 and then go out for three or four hours during the week is standard operating procedure in some quarters. In San Francisco, people spend their evenings at home sorting their trash.
Is that table really resting entirely on 6 tiny wooden points? If so, It will be are real pita from a practical perspective.That's excellent. I would buy a modern version of that without hesitation.
New Posts  All Forums: