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Your rootless postmodernism is an inspiration to us all.
You are being sarcastic but I will give you an answers, several answers, actually. What does your room "say" to people who walk into it?Sherlock Holmes Approach: Japanese/Chinese cultural connection, hates pizza, not too fond of guests, very relaxed, easy-going person willing to live with chipped-up coffee table made of inauthentic Chinese marble.Better Homes and Gardens Approach: Very nice room but needs little tags floating in the air detailing price and where to...
Interesting. I didn't know Cappellini made money cats.Seriously, though, the money cat is the best thing about that room, IMO. Add a couple of more things like that. i.e., things that are non-white/pale and have a personal connection to you, and you might have something.
Have you ever had anything delivered that didn't have some sort of problem? IIRC, even your Knoll, the sofa that started it all, was a trainwreck.
And I suppose he can just do lines off the floor? You really have to learn to think these things through, Fuuma.Credit cards are your friend.Send it back. You know these chips are going to eat away at your soul. Every time you look at that table now, you will see nothing but chips. You will lie in bed at night, straining to hear the gentle ping as a tiny shard of marble detaches itself from your table and soundlessly embeds itself in your carpet.
This is may be because it is authentic, antique, hand-crafted marble lovingly harvested by traditional methods as opposed to modern, factory-raised marble.I am only half-joking. Modern marble is more fragile than antique marble simply because a lot of the more fragile marble wouldn't survive the traditional quarrying and cutting process, much less shipping. Back in the day, any marble that survived was pretty tough marble, not like the sissified, hipster marble we get...
Isn't this why God invented Connecticut?The things that people put up with to live in NYC amaze me, especially regarding real estate. Some of my friends have had the most incredible battles to secure housing that would embarrass an Indian slum dweller.A while ago I read an article about New York real estate that was discussing, with approval, a couple who had to build a "bedroom" out of plywood in the living room of their one-bedroom apartment when they had their first...
Please tell me Google Translate has Klingon now.
Excellent.If you don't mind, I am going to use this one.
But is it authentic Calacatta from Italy or the fake stuff from China?Actually, that's worth huge points. Maybe negative points, but huge points.
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