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That's not a lamp. That's a metal box with a light bulb in it.But I do quite like the elegant trailing electrical cord. You can see that the designer has really pushed the possibilities to the limit.
Yes, I think ? just about covers it.
Bauhaus - Design Within ReachAmerican modernism - Aaron's Rent to OwnDanish Modernism - IkeaPost Modernism - TargetI think those are pretty annoying on multiple levels. First, they are a twee "adaptation" of a very old idea. Second, they look very nice just sitting there but are comically non-functional. Who wants to look at a bare bulb? The double reflector one might, possibly, be made to work if you are standing in just the right place, but that is hardly a...
A few months ago, I ran across a quite nice black and silver houndstooth in Charles Tyrwhitt, of all places. The lining was a bit heavy for my taste, but otherwise, it was a perfectly respectable example, and quite inexpensive.
Is this true? I could have sworn that Foo indicated just a few months ago that they were not expecting.If it is true, my sincere congratulations and best wishes. I look forward to the evolution of your white/cream color scheme.
I like the one you got better, anyway. The hunting scene is very iconic for those carpets but still somewhat uncommon. Please give more details. Has it been repaired?
Make sure it includes delivery . . .
Try bopping her with your signet ring.It has been said of traditions that you know you have succeeded when your kids tell you you are doing it wrong.
Yes, yes. Fine. But what is the resale value?
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