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Excellent.If you don't mind, I am going to use this one.
But is it authentic Calacatta from Italy or the fake stuff from China?Actually, that's worth huge points. Maybe negative points, but huge points.
OMG, I guess she didn't just love it there after all.Either that, or you have a really, really dedicated stalker.I wonder what the "Disillusion/Learning curve is for San Francisco? You know, how long it takes the average person to go from "OMG! I'm living in San Francisco!" to "Oh my God. I'm living in San Francisco."
Heh. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.This must be like a living "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" for you with seemingly normal New Yorkers turning out to be soulless automatons from SF.Edit: On review, I see you were probably talking about StyleForum instead of San Francisco. It's even funnier that way.
That's really sad. The Lusty Lady was an institution. Unionized sex workers are the kind of weirdness that used to make SF genuinely interesting.LA, instead, has a long-term plan to get rid of its palm trees -- which are iconic -- and replace them with more ecologically-sensitive native species. A lot of people are extremely annoyed about this for various reasons.
Is that really what you have managed to take away from all this?Really? I think a person's interior design choices can say quite a lot. I don't know if those choices would ever make me think more or less highly of a person but they certainly can be quite revealing as to tastes and interests.Yes, well, this applies to a lot of things. Total fucking moronitude is no respecter of class or persons.Maybe not. But I don't think he suffers foos gladly,...
Except in so far as it would be rude to rubbish someone's decor while you are sitting in their house, I am not saying anything like that. Discussing ideas is always interesting. What I am saying is that, in your terms, 1) I do not find that how much you paid for something is a useful element in establishing a hierarchy of taste: Cost is not a proxy for value. Rather, the thing must be valued on its own terms and in the context in which you find it. 2) While I suppose...
OK. Everyone doesn't agree.It is not a "rote fixation". It is just that, as a general topic of conversation, I don't find it either interesting or impressive. If you do find it interesting, well, some people do like it, I understand. Whatever makes you happy.
Foo, if you don't get the point I am trying to make -- if you cannot get the point I am trying to make -- that's fine. Enjoy your carpet, however it gives you pleasure. But the takeaway is that there are different ways to think about things and different ways to experience things, some of which are equally valid. Your rigid insistence that the theory of aesthetics you have developed over the last week is the one-and-only-be-all-and-end-all "authentic" way to think...
I have never suggested you intend to use your carpet "just as the Beni Ourain would use it". How you use it is irrelevant in this context. Or perhaps not. If you were using it for the precise purpose and in the same way as the Beni Ourain, you would actually have a better case for being obsessed about whether it is "authentic" or not. In that case, you could at least argue that authenticity is in some way related to functionality.You will recall my story about the guy...
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