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+1The problem I have with steakhouses is that they allow for no illusion about how badly you are being screwed. When I go to most restaurants I think, "Wow, this is really good! The chef did a great job!" When I go to a steakhouse I think "Wow! this is really good! I could have cooked this myself at home for 1/10 the price!"
Personally, I would not want a badly-functioning vase, even if it were interesting looking. It would annoy me. This may be for the same reason that you get so upset over Piobaire's mediocrely-taut chair cushions.Moreover, this kind of blase indifference to good design in favor of aesthetics ultimately leads to things like swan beds and E-type Jaguars, so you have to be careful.But the bottom line here is that, while you criticize him, your position and Piobaire's are...
Quelle surprise.I am in the form-should-follow-function camp. This applies equally to a chair and a vase. Some things, e.g. a piece of sculpture, are pure form and, hence, the form is the function. But something like a vase must be a good vase or it is poorly designed, no matter how, ahh, unusual it looks.If it is OK for you to have a poorly-designed vase because you find it pleasant to look at, it is equally OK for Piobaire to have a poorly-designed chair because it is...
Really? I put flowers in them. You're thinking of knickknacks.
I can't deny it.First, if you're allergic to vapidity, modern design may not be the hobby for you. Have you ever read any of the descriptions/explanations/justifications that designers -- or at least their copywriters -- attach to their work?Second, there have been lots of substantive comments about your lamps. I've made a couple myself. They might not be up to your hermeneutical standards, but there you are.Finally, your vase is a joke.It was a joke when you bought it. It...
His point is that that is a terrible design.Bongs are supposed to be much more elegant.
Foo, come on. That could have come from an IKEA catalog. The designer has put no effort into the actual lamp part of it. It's clumsy and poorly thought-out.Or perhaps it was very well thought-out and the designer did that for the same reason IKEA does: It's incredibly cheap to produce. But neither one of these possibilities is much of a recommendation.
That's not a lamp. That's a metal box with a light bulb in it.But I do quite like the elegant trailing electrical cord. You can see that the designer has really pushed the possibilities to the limit.
Yes, I think ? just about covers it.
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