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Hmm. And how does the Steed play out?
Well, we've got to get something for our five hundred bucks!
I blame hipsters.Seriously, though. Given all the disasters NY suffers, I am amazed at how clueless some New Yorkers seem to be. Stocking up on kale and frozen mac and cheese balls at Trader Joe's is not the ideal way to prepare for a crisis, especially if your power goes out.
On the contrary. I will notice, too.You are overlooking one of the great joys of these events: Wearing an impeccably-correct black tie rig and then smugly cataloging the various sartorial faux pas you see.
Regarding shoes, you've got a couple of choices. First, court shoes or balmorals. Court shoes are a bridge too far for me. Having said that, you do have a wider range of "correct" styles than you do with balmorals, e.g. patent or velvet, bows, etc. Balmorals, correctly speaking, should be in patent leather. They can either be cap toes or whole cuts. Whole cuts are, possibly, slightly more correct but cap toes are perfectly fine. Some people try to convince you that...
Perfectly fine though pretty rare. In fact, I have one, OTR, if you can believe it.I quite like it but people probably have enough trouble getting over the white DJ. I doubt if they really notice the lapels.
Not me, thanks.Assuming you had your own tropical island to wear it on, you might get away with dupioni -- though I, at least, would come out looking like a Bond villain. You could certainly get away with linen, especially a darker cream. But a white wool suit? I am hard-pressed to think of a more useless thing to have in my wardrobe. At least with morning dress, I might get invited to a wedding or Ascot or something.
This could work. But, Andy57 aside, it really isn't a good idea to wear slightly mismatched suits, especially DJs. The fact that everything is black really does make it much more noticeable. Andy57 might get away with it, but he lives in Silicon Valley where "formal" is defined as wearing tennis shoes with laces.White silk moire or go home.As far as a white (well, cream/ivory really) jacket goes in Florida, absolutely, especially in summer. Typically, you wouldn't wear...
Do you mean to say you had a dinner jacket made up separately from the trousers? Using different cloth? If so, why?!?
I completely agree with your thinking here, but I'm afraid that it is extremely unlikely to work out the way you are probably hoping.Black cloth is, surprisingly, extremely hard to match. In fact, if it not from the same production run, it is almost impossible to match. Black cloth looks like black cloth, until you put it next to some other black cloth, when it looks completely different.There are almost an infinite number of shades of black, variation in shine and...
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