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No, the MTA costs the MTA billions.The MTR in HK runs at a 40% profit. The MTA runs at a 50% deficit. The MTR has an integrated business model and also manages other metros, but its HK subway/bus/train system turns a profit on its own. The smart thing to do would be to close down the MTA, swallow the pension charges and hand the whole thing over to the MTR to run.Oh, and Manton, the MTR claims a 99.9% on-time rate. But I doubt they can do anything about the weather,...
Well, maybe he has a slight point . . .The subway might be the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get around NY but it is also true that it is perhaps the depressing and creaky metro system in existence, at least in world-class cities. The Hong Kong Metro, to take one example, is like riding the Eurostar compared to the NY subway. Plus, you can use your fare card to pay for all sorts of stuff. As this technology has been in use for about 15 years now, it might be...
So McDonald's is using sous vide now? To be honest, I'm mostly attracted to sous vide because of the blowtorching part.You need an extra license to boil things -- or not quite boil things -- in NYC? Is this supposed to be a health regulation or what?But I have no trouble believing that pretty much everything in Williamsburg is prepared sous vide, including french fries.
These two are oddly related but HK is worse.One of the things driving up prices in Vancouver is the massive influx of money from China, ditto HK.But you can't actually own property in HK, so that makes prices there particularly insane.
Thanks very much. That's extremely helpful to know, especially about the clamp.I also really hate the video for the Anova 1 so I will scratch that off the list.
What do you think of the Anova 1, which is $20 more than the entry model? I slightly prefer that it has stand alone controls.
I am oddly intrigued by the whole sous vide thing. Plus, if I can justify spending $100 on ping pong balls, it will be a lot easier to justify spending $380 on a shirt.
That's a great deal. But the blowtorch is extra, right?On a more serious note, what do you guys use for a tank?
That poster is excellent on so many levels.
Most Mexican food is pretty bad everywhere in the States. The American version of Mexican food is mostly Sonoran street food and largely consists of the same five ingredients in different shapes. It's as if everyone thought that Chinese food consisted entirely of noodles.Even most of the "good" Mexican restaurants I have been to in the U.S. primarily offer amped-up versions of burritos, enchiladas, tacos, etc.. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- a good burrito is...
New Posts  All Forums: