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Which kind of dovetails are used on the box under discussion? To my untrained eye, they look much simpler than your "jigsaw" ones and dead easy to do with a computerized saw.
I can't say that, not having sat on it. The intent seems to be to create a bench that included a comfortable seat. It might well have worked. If it did, this might actually be very good design.
To keep the skateboarders off?
I'm particularly impressed by the gap in the bottom. The total lack of attention to detail is a detail that demonstrates a real commitment to attention to detail. The gap is also, obviously, a commentary on Syrian refugees and the Schengen area. True, it's a little heavy-handed, but I appreciate the sentiment.
It's not the crust. I find the flavors in sous vide steaks slightly "washed out". I think this might be because grilled steak loses a lot of moisture (as much as a third of the uncooked weight, IIRC) whereas a sous vide steak loses almost none.This isn't a huge problem with meat that is going to take a sauce, but for me, it makes a steak eaten by itself kind of disappointing.
Fess up. We all know you really bought it to express your solidarity with Syrian refugees.
+1For me, it comes down to intangibles. The chef is using an expertise I don't have to select the menu and prepare the dishes. They are being attractively/artistically presented. At a steakhouse, some guy is grilling a steak and slapping it on a plate.I am, I suppose, aware that the 20 dollar appetizer I just ate probably consisted of 20 cents worth of ingredients. Yet it doesn't really bother me because it is not something I am capable of reproducing. What I am really...
I sort of like the IC. But the "description" by the designer sets a new high-water mark. I just can't tell whether it's for cringe-worthiness or parody.Inspiration Behind the Design:Michael Anastassiades attempts to encapsulate the movement of a juggler as he makes a ball move with ease and balances it at startling angles. The designer's love of industrial simplicity is showcased in these lights and how he likens the design to a juggling act in which both sphere and baton...
Once again, I am not saying there is anything inherently wrong in treating something as a pure art object even when it was supposed to be something else. I am saying that the form-follows-function "rule" has pretty obviously been violated.With respect to your Japanese "vases" that have holes in the bottom, there is a good chance they were originally intended to be lamp bases rather than vases.
New Posts  All Forums: