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There are dry cleaners that specialize in bed linen?I'm sorry, I get enough of that sort of thing from my shirts. I am not letting my sheets get in on the act, too.
Kent, a lot of silver plate is junk and looks it. But some of it is very nice and well constructed. Your tea set appears to be in that category. Is it period or a reproduction? But beautiful in any case. There are a number of places where you can commission a carpet using traditional methods and materials. Personally, I would not get a traditional-looking carpet using linen and nylon as they are not traditional materials. You would be surprised at how hard-wearing a...
It would be just the thing to illuminate your formaldehyde shark.Foo, under no circumstances should you order this lamp. You know that it will arrive broken and dripping fat all over your carpet.
Forget the designer. To do it properly, you should keep only the "unhit" version in your living room and then hand your guests the hammer when they arrive.
Godot chair?
Didn't you get the memo? This is the new SF pass phrase. We had to replace "Brown is for farmers" b/c of Snowden.
I guess I am going to have to take Matt's advice about how bad the Epicurean -- and the Boardsmith guy -- is and your advice about the Sani-tuff. I just wish it came in a few different colors as I would like to implement some version of the "green for vegetables, yellow for poultry etc." system. One big advantage that Sani Tuff has is that it is so heavy and does not slide around, not even a little. Since my forays into the kitchen are usually a cross between Samurai...
Everyone tells me I'm supposed to scrub it down with salt, treat it with vinegar, etc., except, that is, for the people who tell me they are completely impossible to sanitize. I could keep using one for vegetables, I suppose.Maybe, but it is certainly striking. I guess it depends what kind of kitchen you are putting it into. Certainly it would look terrible in the picture below. But he does all kinds of stuff and can also use some exotic woods, if that's what you want....
I had been eyeing some of those Boardsmith boards. If I were going to get wood, I think it would be one of these. Some of them are striking. Plus, he makes them to order so he can add features if you want. The problem is that I am trying to get away from wood as I know I won't take care of it properly. But there is a new entrant. Apparently, this is what Japanese chefs really use with their $3000 fish knives. High-Soft Cutting Boards. I gather these are softer...
Maybe it's a sort of G-d thing.
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