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Logs that have been recovered from a river bottom were probably the best of the old-growth redwood as it was denser than the stuff that floated all the way to the mill. I will have to have a look at this shop next time I am in Northern California. Thanks for the tip.
Your Xs are a little sloppy. If you want Foo as a patron, you're going to have to pick up your game a bit.
Visit any bar in the South Bronx wearing your suit after work and you can get one for free.
I endorse this post. It would be a very significant addition to Foo's oeuvre.It's a pity about SG, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for the sake of art.
Where are you going to put the matching end tables?
It is true that Nakashima doesn't "own" live edge. In fact, I'd say that what makes Nakashima special isn't really the live edge. It's how he incorporated live edge into designs with very stylized elements. This is a far cry from sticking some legs on an untrimmed plank.I recently ran across some stuff that a local shop had imported from somewhere in Asia -- the provenance was slightly sketchy even though he had found them on a buying trip himself. They were somewhat...
I'm not a local so I yield to your experience, but is a cab from Brooklyn to midtown really better than uber? You might have to wait a little longer -- and even that's not a sure thing -- but it seems like uber wins on every other measure of merit.I'm surprised that you need reservations for the tenement museum. You'd think they could always squeeze a couple of more people in.
Followed by the inevitable crash when it is delivered dinged, scratched, dented or otherwise not as specified. You have the worst luck with delivery people of anyone I have ever heard of.
My understanding is that cabs are mostly for tourists, like the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park. Uber from Williamsburg to midtown.You don't like it, the Groping Elmo?
Clinton, flower show, boots, FC.Why do you ask?
New Posts  All Forums: