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To keep the skateboarders off?
I'm particularly impressed by the gap in the bottom. The total lack of attention to detail is a detail that demonstrates a real commitment to attention to detail. The gap is also, obviously, a commentary on Syrian refugees and the Schengen area. True, it's a little heavy-handed, but I appreciate the sentiment.
It's not the crust. I find the flavors in sous vide steaks slightly "washed out". I think this might be because grilled steak loses a lot of moisture (as much as a third of the uncooked weight, IIRC) whereas a sous vide steak loses almost none.This isn't a huge problem with meat that is going to take a sauce, but for me, it makes a steak eaten by itself kind of disappointing.
Fess up. We all know you really bought it to express your solidarity with Syrian refugees.
+1For me, it comes down to intangibles. The chef is using an expertise I don't have to select the menu and prepare the dishes. They are being attractively/artistically presented. At a steakhouse, some guy is grilling a steak and slapping it on a plate.I am, I suppose, aware that the 20 dollar appetizer I just ate probably consisted of 20 cents worth of ingredients. Yet it doesn't really bother me because it is not something I am capable of reproducing. What I am really...
I sort of like the IC. But the "description" by the designer sets a new high-water mark. I just can't tell whether it's for cringe-worthiness or parody.Inspiration Behind the Design:Michael Anastassiades attempts to encapsulate the movement of a juggler as he makes a ball move with ease and balances it at startling angles. The designer's love of industrial simplicity is showcased in these lights and how he likens the design to a juggling act in which both sphere and baton...
Once again, I am not saying there is anything inherently wrong in treating something as a pure art object even when it was supposed to be something else. I am saying that the form-follows-function "rule" has pretty obviously been violated.With respect to your Japanese "vases" that have holes in the bottom, there is a good chance they were originally intended to be lamp bases rather than vases.
First, what happened to the Multiquote button?Second, I don't see anything wrong with this. Personally, I don't like knickknacks and something that pretended to by a vase but could not be used as a vase would get on my nerves as I would find it slightly pretentious.But you are doing something else, I think. In fact, a couple of different things. While an object might be currently useless, that does not mean it is either pretentious or badly-designed. It might have been a...
There's an old story -- probably apocryphal -- about Churchill sitting next to a socialite at dinner. Churchill asked her if she would sleep with him for a million pounds. The lady laughed and agreed. Churchill then offered her one pound and the outraged woman spluttered, "What kind of person do you think I am?!?" Churchill replied, "We've already established that. Now we are just haggling over the price."I have not missed anything. You have arbitrarily decided that your...
+1The problem I have with steakhouses is that they allow for no illusion about how badly you are being screwed. When I go to most restaurants I think, "Wow, this is really good! The chef did a great job!" When I go to a steakhouse I think "Wow! this is really good! I could have cooked this myself at home for 1/10 the price!"
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