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Especially since all the offices on Park Ave. have superautomatics in the break room.
Inflatable coffee shop?
I don't find Houston as a city all that bad. But transferring at the airport from an international flight is god-awful. I will go to considerable lengths to route myself around Houston. Both immigration/customs and TSA were consistently among the worst I have ever experienced, including Newark/LaGuardia/JFK.
Ah. OK. Now I get what you mean.FTFY
You would love San Francisco. Naked street people is one area where San Francisco is a world leader.
Anything in particular you had in mind or just a bout of angst?LOL. Too late. It hasn't been the same since Clinton put his office there.http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/real-estate/latte-change-harlem-article-1.1903758
First, "chick roast" is a really excellent typo. Second, maybe you ought to clarify the rules of this "BBQ cook-off".
CE is down the stairs on the left.
For a change, federal law is your friend.Feh. Guerrilla? Please. These poseurs are not fit to bear the name "Pussy". When they spit on Vladimir Putin while topless, get back to me.
Of course, there's always some risk but it's pretty negligible with granite and a lot of engineered stones. It takes quite a lot of thermal stress to crack granite. It also depends what you're cooking. If, for some reason, you had a giant pot of stew in the oven at 450F, maybe you might want to be a little careful. But a cookie sheet or a bread pan isn't a risk at all. Even marble, which is somewhat less heat resistant, is pretty tough. They make fireplace surrounds out of...
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