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In the mist of all the chaos and uncertainty in the world today, it is comforting to know that some things don't change. A naked man who taunted police from atop the TKTS booth in Times Square became a rush-hour distraction and a social media spectacle for nearly an hour Thursday as bystanders recorded video of his antics before he fell from his perch. Best quote, for just so many reasons, “Might stop watching,” she tweeted. “Worried I might see a human fall off a...
Rightly. The Nobel Prize ceremony is in Stockholm in December and the sun sets at something like 3:00.
I don't think you can use the Nobel Prize ceremony as proof of your thesis that white tie can be worn during the day. In Scandinavia, white tie is appropriate anytime after October.
[[SPOILER]] I'm not really buying the distinction you are trying to make, both on historical and on practical grounds.First, originally, the suit was riding gear. In the UK even today it is called a lounge suit and, if you want to be strictly correct, in an Edwardian sort of way, it is casual wear. You seem to be suggesting that there were -- and are -- no gradations in formality between a lounge suit and full formal wear.Even if that were true once, and I don't think it...
There is a pretty tangled set of currents here.First, it is true that in the UK, no one ever wore black tie in churches. But that is not because there was a ban on wearing black tie in churches. Rather, it is because no appropriate event ever took place in a church.Due to a quirk in English law -- remember, in England, you never ask "why?", you ask "since when?" -- you can only be legally married during daylight hours. So no one, by definition, would ever wear black tie to...
Yes. you still need a cummerbund or a vest. No, the cummerbund does not have to be the same color as the pants. In fact, theoretically, it should match the tuxedo facings (the lapels) as should the tie and will typically be satin or, more rarely, grosgrain. There are such things as midnight blue cummerbunds but they are not strictly necessary for a midnight blue DJ. They may arguably be better, assuming the facings are also midnight blue. Since you are wearing a black...
What was the event and what is going on with the fellow on the right's tie?
Other than just having to take it, you mean?
I think I'll be the Gary Johnson of SF.Doobie, anyone?
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