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This is an, err, uniquely NY perspective.
But you live in San Francisco, which is mostly populated by wimpy hipsters, not New York where even the little old ladies are dangerous.
I don't think we are all so much more sophisticated but some of us are a little more, I don't know, thoughtful? Non-stupid? I don't mind genuine opinions so much even when I think they are obviously wrong. What gets to me are the reviews that assign stars based on totally random criteria that no one except the author could possibly care about. "I gave this restaurant one star because they put peanuts in their kung pao chicken and I am allergic to peanuts."It's true...
Inefficient, maybe, but unterrifying.Did you ask him about his shirts? I understand they do shirts but only MTM. Is that correct? Did he mention where he has them made?
You're doing it wrong. Get on the inside lane and go into a "holding pattern". Drive around the roundabout as many times as you need to while you check the map, try to read -- or find -- street signs, order pizza, etc..
Is OCD a topic you really want to raise in one of Foo's threads?
If I could figure out what they mean, I think I'd agree with you.I find this kind of useful.The sabi part has been explained to me as originally something that evoked a sort of wistful melancholy e.g. "Oh, that sunset was so beautiful. Now it's gone forever!" As I understand it, this is why ikebana is sabi. "The flowers are so beautiful! They're all gonna die so soon!" But over time, it became something more positive, I think, at least in part, along the lines of...
Now Fuuma, don't be that way. I wouldn't say yours was awful. The coffee mugs were really nice.
Yeah, I think this is important. My understanding is that it contains the idea that you have "transcended" the gaudy and the flashy. This goes especially to the "wabi" part. (As I said, I find the sabi part a little more difficult to fully appreciate.) To try to translate it into "Western" terms, the idea is "refined" taste in that you can appreciate the beauty and perfection in simplicity. Intellectually, this makes a certain amount of sense to me. If you are in...
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