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What if you're serving Mexican food?
He will come to hate this regardless of his tastes in ethnic food. The problem, as you've identified, is that the entire roll keeps coming off the holder. This is particularly a problem when the roll is more than half used and, therefore, lighter. In this case, the placement of the roll behind and to the right of the user will only exacerbate the problem.It is disturbing to me that I know so much about this, but I speak from disturbing, bitter experience.
Very compact. What room is it attached to?This sounds sort of Fooish, but you are going to come to hate your toilet paper holder.
18 oz? IIRC, didn't you say you had no heat resistance? Even if you could wear that outside in a NY winter, what is going to happen when you go indoors?
It was, until you brought it up.I am probably going to hell for this, but when I first heard this story, I laughed myself sick. All I could think of was Steve Martin in The Jerk.
This isn't CE so I will restrain myself. But there are a couple of things going on here.First, there are probably hundreds of thousands of HOA-type organizations in the U.S. Most of them do a perfectly adequate, non-annoying job. But, of course, you never hear about those. They only become news when one of them runs off the rails does something extra stupid/despotic. BTW, this isn't just an American thing. There are condo boards almost everywhere.Second, while most HOAs...
I was wondering this, too.Well, not this, exactly, but you know what I mean. I thought seceding from an HOA was almost impossible. How did you pull it off? Did it involve mysterious men in unmarked green uniforms? Tanks?
Yeesh. It sounds like you moved to where all the people that drove you crazy in San Francisco have their vacation homes.
Why do you assume that? Perhaps conglomerate wood has been looted from the rain forest by a faceless corporation instead of hand-picked and ethically-sourced by progressive, eco-sensitive artisanal co-op.
If you're going to go this way, you have to embrace the eccentricity. The table is a dead loss. The lamp could be awesome but it needs a tiffany shade.
New Posts  All Forums: