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I'm sure you look very charming.
Unless it is a carpet.
I think that pretty much describes Japanese culture generally.But I do quite like the Japanese aesthetic. It has a coherent philosophy that allows you to apply its principles in moderation and in unexpected contexts. For example, you can make a room "more Japanese" without making it Japanese at all.By contrast, Chinese art is much more exuberant and, to me, less attractive. Japanese and Chinese art are obviously close kin but you can still almost always spot a hanging...
Hey. Wait a minute. Wasn't this built in like 1950?Seriously, though, you are probably much more familiar with Japanese stuff than I am as I think you live there now. But wouldn't you say the above is exceptional and largely limited to what were public spaces? IIRC, the Japanese even have particular words for their interior decor concepts that translate to something like "simplicity" and "harmony".
Who knew? I thought all the Iranian expats lived in Southern California. I am going to have to check that out next time I am in the area. Sound like a great environment for carpet buyers and a lousy one for sellers!
+1010100Scented candles, advice, for the display of. I take back all my suspicions about Foo not having a sense of humor.
Wow. That's bazaar. How many sellers would you guess are there?
needs moar terrarium balls.
Interesting point. Foo's room is reminiscent of that. A traditional Japanese room would be primarily in earth tones. The visual center would be the tokonoma, a recessed alcove that contained a hanging scroll, ikebana -- a traditional flower arrangement -- and possibly a piece of pottery. The tokonoma was to the traditional Japanese living room as the TV typically is today.While the ikebana might contain a splash of color, most of the emphasis in decoration was on...
Thank you. I like to think so.Only on my cheese.
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