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The traditional difference between bespoke and MTM is whether you end up with a paper pattern from which your suit has been cut. Advances in computer-aided design are probably eroding that. It wouldn't surprise me if some cutters were to begin designing jackets from scratch directly on a computer. But the point is, it's bespoke if you end up with a paper/personal pattern that can be tweaked as you move through the process and even further refined with future projects. ...
My favorite neighborhood has to be "tendernob." Not because I actually like the neighborhood but because the name is hilarious and was apparently created by real estate agents with no sense of irony whatsoever.
And that quote was from 20 years ago. Can you imagine what he would think of it now?
Heh. I read the article in the NYT about it. It sounds wonderful. They should rename it BadSantaCon.
Not necessarily. The article is careful not to mention the yoga teacher's sex.And why would an "Enlightenment-era theme party" particularly feature the plague? Why would it feature "Edwardian garb" at all?Honestly. Hipsters today have the historical awareness of tree squirrels.BTW, the Google bus protests are hilarious. First it's "Cars are evil! Save the planet! Global warming! Gah!" So a private company spends a considerable sum of its own money to provide mass...
Congratulations, Foo! You are officially super trendy.http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/12/garden/waxing-extravagant.html?hpw&rref=garden&_r=0
If they offered you 6k for it then I assume you sold it on the spot.Your ability to google obviously adds tremendous value in the Beni Ourain carpet market.
It's almost like having Manouche back.
San Fo women, what can you do?
Wait until he hears about polo shirts.
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