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I suppose there is less danger of cross-contamination. But the meat already (probably) has bacteria on it when you buy it. When you grind it up at home, you're still mixing bacteria throughout the meat..And sometimes you do die from eating steak tartare.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the blowtorch. But is there any reason you can't just chuck your steak under a broiler for 30 seconds on each side? I like the idea of pan searing in butter. Not only will it add flavor, it ought to allow you to do a pan sauce. Regarding hamburger -- I was looking this up the other day -- you can do it sous vide, but you have to hold it at temperature much longer to make sure you have knocked down the bacteria. Steaks only have bacteria...
Sounds like the plot for a movie, a sort of "Four Lions Take Manhattan." Terrorists riding the subway on their way to an attack in NYC are foiled by the MTA and its denizens. In the final scene, an out-of-work minor league baseball player administers the "slap of justice" and knocks the lead terrorist backwards down a non-functioning escalator.
If you're going to eat popcorn in the San Francisco thread, it had better be artisanal popcorn.
Sugarbutch, what kind of popcorn should I get? I guess the choices are Thatcher's, Cornology and 479. Of course, these all serve organic, GMO-free popcorn, but 479 offers organic, GMO-free, heirloom popcorn so I'm kind of leaning that way. On the other hand, Cornology has a better name. I'm leaning against Thatcher's because Thatcher.Please advise!
I am nowhere near being an aficionado like many of the people in this thread. Having said that, what little experimentation I have done suggests that for a paring knife, Wusthof is more than adequate if all you want to do is peel things, etc. If you are turning your vegetables into complex artwork, a super-duper Japanese paring knife might make sense. Otherwise, they are just too fussy to be worth the effort. Of course, if you specifically want a Japanese paring knife,...
I can see why this would be a problem in Williamsburg.
Come on now, it doesn't suck that bad. This is what all the regulars said when you first walked in.
Beer should be in mason jar.
Are you suggesting that this won't work in NY? But yes, it is certainly different now. It must have been a while ago since you were there. The trains do run above ground in the outskirts but not in Kowloon or around Central.And the fare collection system is fantastic. The Octopus card is very similar to the Oyster card. (But I believe the Octopus card was first.) The card has a chip that can be read by a proximity reader. A lot of MTR stations are basically shopping malls...
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