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Maybe it's a sort of G-d thing.
All of this talk of left-handed, single-bevel sashimi knives sharpened with diamond dust is all very well but what sort of cutting surface are you using? I assume that there is probably some international treaty requiring the use of bamboo for all these super-high-end Japanese knives but I am looking to upgrade my cutting boards from wood and plastic for more ordinary stuff. The contending surfaces seem to be bamboo, Sani-TUFF or Remaindered Skate Board Park. Are any of...
Rats are traveling the streets of NY in gangs, running up and down people's legs and the next mayor of New York is basing his entire campaign on . . . income inequality.I think there is only one reason why New York sucks. A majority of the residents are completely loopy.
Very interesting, though only the original quote seems to be from a Japanese architect. The rest is from some American trying to interpret it. Per this article, if Foo wanted to make his apartment more wabi sabi, he should put his carpet on the couch.I didn't really agree with this.An old car left in a field to rust, as it transforms from an eyesore into a part of the landscape, could be considered America's contribution to the evolution of sabi. An abandoned barn, as...
Correct, even the first season of The Apprentice, which was actually interesting and well-thought out -- even though the competitors were mostly too clueless to take advantage of it -- was pretty obviously "helped along" by the judicious interference of the producers. It would be pretty interesting to read the contract they had with the contestants since some of the outcomes were clearly rigged.
This is an, err, uniquely NY perspective.
But you live in San Francisco, which is mostly populated by wimpy hipsters, not New York where even the little old ladies are dangerous.
I don't think we are all so much more sophisticated but some of us are a little more, I don't know, thoughtful? Non-stupid? I don't mind genuine opinions so much even when I think they are obviously wrong. What gets to me are the reviews that assign stars based on totally random criteria that no one except the author could possibly care about. "I gave this restaurant one star because they put peanuts in their kung pao chicken and I am allergic to peanuts."It's true...
New Posts  All Forums: